Filthy young kittens rescued, cleaned and fostered (China hosted video)

Newborn kitten rescued
Newborn kitten rescued, cleaned and cared for.
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In an effort to source new materials and to see how people in different parts of the world perceive the domestic cat, I have gone to a Chinese video hosting website to see if I can find some cat videos of interest to people in the West.

Of course, the webpages and videos are very hard to operate because everything is in Chinese or if you use Google translate, a very poor translation of the Chinese. It is like being on another planet. China is almost out of bounds to Westerners in terms of the internet. Visiting Chinese websites is hardly viable, which is a shame because there are 1.4 billion Chinese! It’s a big part of the world and I’m interested in how they relate to the domestic cat in video.

The video on this page is not entirely typical because it appears to be taken from an American videomaker. Nonetheless I like to see the presentation from a Chinese point of view. It’s also quite a nice video as it shows these very young, almost newborn, stray kittens, who I feel sure would have died but for being rescued, being cleaned up and the fleas combed out of them and so on.

You can stop the advert at the beginning by clicking the button at the top right of the video. Of course, it is in Chinese but trust me it should stop the advert unless of course you want to look at it!

1 thought on “Filthy young kittens rescued, cleaned and fostered (China hosted video)”

  1. Twitchy ears and eyes as they suckle are just delightful, as are those full, fat little tums.

    Videos like this can only help improve the plight of cats in China, whoever makes them.

    Good stuff.


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