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Finding a Lost Cat — 1 Comment

  1. We had an emergency situation with our gravely Ill daughter and had to move from Az to Mn, the day of the move March 1 , 2011 our seventeen year old cat Cupcakes ran out, we couldn’t wait since our daughter was being transported by helicopter, I’ve flown back twice looking for, but can no longer afford to be away from our daughter. Cupcakes is a gray tabby with the most intense green eyes white marking on her paws she had a red collar on her at the time. If someone has her I just want to know she’s happy, if you are looking to get her back to her owner I Would love that too, have had nothing but haunting dreams since we had to leave her behind, please if any one has any info, pls post to this website. No horror stories pls, I have enough depression just trying to keep my daughter alive. Thank you anyone with real info.

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