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Finding Just The Right Kitten Can Be an Awesome and Challenging Journey — 4 Comments

  1. Annie thanks for your story. It gives me hope that little Aki will soon overcome his shyness and decide that being in my lap is a good thing. He is getting a little bolder- sniffs my toes and has checked out my hair. But the minute I move even an inch he is back into his hiding place- but not for long:) He is showing himself in the room more and more. He also knows his name by now! Smart kitty! I call him by name when I feed him and use the name when I am talking to him even if he isn’t sitting next to me! We just adore him.

  2. teddy, tina and lena [in that order] ‘found’ me over 13 years ago. teddy came up through the heater duct – where he had been for almost a week. tina was hiding with another brother behind the dog-a-loo. lena was so tiny that from end to end he fit in the palm of my hand – such a feisty little guy he was – he did not want to be caught – which was why he ended up being found last.

    they were so shy that it was quite difficult to teach them to eat and use the potty box, but somehow i managed. before their mother got killed by a raccoon [she was within a day or two of being re-domesticated when that happened] she came into the house a few times to feed them.

    one night, when they were about 3 – 1/2 months old, i saw them hanging from the cardboard half wall we had put up to block them from coming into the other part of the house. i looked at them and said – ‘do you want to come into the room with us?’ it was like they all nodded their heads in unison to say yes. so my husband took out the cardboard. all three ran to sit in front of my computer chair. i looked down and said ‘do you want to sit in my lap?’ the next thing i knew all 3 of them were sitting in my lap and purring. and that’s the way they’ve been for over 13 years now.

  3. ConCATulations are in order, Jo and family! I am very glad Poe will have a little brofur close to his own age to play with.

    Yes, kittens — and cats — have just about always found me/us; as “rescued” is the favorite “breed” here, and as we have lived in some communities where neighborhood cats were (unfortunately) common, we were always assured that any feline who found us would benefit from spaying/neutering, veterinary care, good food and fresh water, and the hospitality we offered. Happily, our current city is very cat-friendly; TNR is municipal policy, and the city allows a fairly generous 6 cats per household. Free-roaming cats have seldom been sighted. So our city’s no-kill Humane Society or the shelter in the community next to ours are the sources for adoptions.

    Happy Mew Year, all — and may Aki enjoy a long, happy, healthy and LOVED life with his new family!

  4. I had no idea you where about to adopt another Oriental SH. Nice story Jo as it gives an insight into finding and adopting a purebred cat.

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