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Finding Lost Cats in London through Animal Communication — 21 Comments

  1. just had a look at your site tim, looks great. You should write articles more good to see someone else that has a deeper connection with animals.

  2. I’m fascinated with your work, Tim.
    I hope you write more and more here.
    Please describe when and how you realized you had such a gift.
    Thank you so much for this article.

  3. I have had a similar experience when my Singapura managed to get out one night (we ALWAYS keep them in at night and when we are not at home). He wandered across the street and got beat up by the neighbor cats. As soon as I called him that morning I KNEW he was gone. I called my friend Shirley Scott, an animal communicator and psychic, she told me immediately he was close and could hear me calling. My husband and searched our side of the neighborhood and couldn’t find him. I called her again and asked some more questions that she answered, like what direction and what street he had crossed, but had to leave for an appt. She came to the house and pointed in the direction he was hiding and said it was within two houses. I eventually found him exactly where she said he was. He was beat up, afraid and in shock and wouldn’t even look at me when I picked him up. She’s the real deal and does not charge to find lost animals.

    • Hi Cass. That is a very interesting story. I am amazed at how precise the lady was. It seems that, sometimes, a cat can go out, stay out and become confused and frightened which might prevent them coming back. That seems to have been the case with your Singapura.

  4. Pepi disappeared in spring 2 years ago and we did everything we could to no avail. I still hope he will be back one day.

    Just yesterday a 6 month old kitten of a friend turned up back home after vanishing last saturday morning.

  5. A very interesting article and I do believe some people can communicate with animals this way.
    I often wished when doing Cats Protection lost and found there was a way to ‘find’ the lost ones and ask them to come home.

  6. That is amazing. I have had some remarkable experiences with a very sharp “communicator” to help me with some kitty issues.

    Love the story!

    • Thanks Jo! I work in a lot of other areas to help cats (animals) and their human companions as well. However, it seems lost animals is what I’m
      best known for.

  7. Hello Tim. Thanks for a very interesting article. I confess that I have never heard of a person who can communicate with cats in order to help to find them when they get lost.

    At first, I thought that you lived in the UK. But then discovered that you live in the USA.

    I am very impressed by your story. I think that your article will create some interesting comments and a discussion.

    If you would like to have an avatar that becomes part of the heading of your article and which is attached to comments, then you might like to have a look at this page:


    • Thanks for the positive comments Michael. I’ve been blessed to work with people and their lost animals from around the world. I’ve had a great deal of success but (unfortunately)some don’t or can’t return to their families. It is my sincere hope that all lost animals are reunited with their families and protected while they are away.

      • Thanks for commenting Tim. From now on your comments will be published immediately. Fascinating article. Feel free to comment as much as you like in response to visitor’s comments.

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