Fined for feeding: ‘They live in the yard. I consider them mine so I’ll plead not guilty’

A Palmerton, Pennsylvania resident who has been feeding two male cats who live in her yard will be going to court for an ordinance violation.

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“Sandy” has cared for the neutered cats not knowing she was in violation of Palmerton Ordinance 728 (enacted July 2017), which prohibits feeding stray cats. She recently received a summons in the mail for $123.25.

Over the years Sandy has trapped, neutered and released 14 cats. The two males currently under her care are the last of her TNR colony.

In an interview with WFMZ69 Carbon County Humane Police Officer Donna Crum stated

“When you have an animal that has now become dependent on that feeder for six to 10 years, it is very difficult for them to go to the wild stage. Starvation is a horrific way to die”

Now Sandy and Donna are working with a group of residents who want the borough council to change to a more humane policy for stray cats and the people who want to act as colony caregivers.

Sandy plans to fight the summons saying

“These are my cats. They live in the yard. I consider them mine so I’ll plead not guilty.”

Borough officials refused to comment on the summons. Click here for video.

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2 thoughts on “Fined for feeding: ‘They live in the yard. I consider them mine so I’ll plead not guilty’”

  1. It amazes me how damn stupid humans are to be bitching about this kind human feeding these kids in need. It is not their fault they have no home. It is the HUMANS fault in the first damn place!! Leave her the fuck alone and start charging assholes who abandon their kids and don’t get them fixed!! Of course, I prefer the automatic death sentence personally for all violations to any furkids! There would be a lot less assholes in this over populated world.


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