Finnigan Fitzsimmons.

Finnigan Fitzsimmons.

by Jessica Cee
(New York, NY, USA)

Rollin' around, playing with the sheets.

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Rollin' around, playing with the sheets.

Hi, I adopted a 3-month-old male kitten this past April from a New York City shelter. When I first saw him, he was so cute and tiny and I automatically knew I wanted him the moment I held him. I didn't think much of his coat because I thought he was just a plain salt-n-pepper tabby.

But this past month he has grown and started to shed some kitten fur, and I noticed he has leopard-prints on his coat and underbelly. I looked online and saw that he looks exactly like a brown-spotted bengal, but he's not a purebred, obviously, since he was found on the streets. I also noticed he has the standard "M" tabby marking on his forehead, so I'd gather he's a mixed bengal/tabby. He also has silly eyes (not exactly cross-eyed, but I can't explain it!). He loves to do somersaults, run around like a screaming banshee and chase flies and bugs. He meows every so often, but he mostly "chitters" and coos and chatters.

I named him Finnigan (cuz I'm Irish, haha), with the Fitzsimmons as an after thought, sort of a joke! Me and my boyfriend love him to bits and pieces and I'm glad we adopted him!


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Finnigan Fitzsimmons.

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Jun 01, 2009
Finnigan is Adorable
by: Anonymous

Well, I agree with all you say. Finnigan has an adorable face and he looks a bit like a Bengal cat too. Plus you saved him and gave him a good life. It doesn't get better.

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