Firefighter convicted in assault case over stray cat feeding

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I reported on this in October 2013, about 18 months ago when the assault, by firefighter Justin Eulian, 39, on a cat lover, Rebecca Stafford, took place. Eulian was supported by his mother during the assault but she wasn’t charged, it appears. Eulian lost his cool when Stafford threw dry cat food at him.

It was a nasty assault by Eulian on a woman and the catalyst was feral cats which the lady was feeding, probably as part of a TNR program. It was ‘cat hater versus cat lover’ out in the open.

It is nice to report a follow up to the original post and say that Eulian has been convicted of assault.

This seems to be a second trial which may explain the 18 months delay because in the first trial the jury were unable to reach a verdict.

This time the jury deliberated for 90 minutes and found Eulian guilty of assault and battery. He is due back in court for sentencing on 30th June and faces a maximum of 7 years in jail.

Eulian’s lawyer intends to appeal the conviction claiming self-defence! This should not succeed because self-defence should be proportionate and clearly that is not the case. As for his career as a firefighter, the LAFD said they will take the appropriate disciplinary measures, whatever that means.

There is often animosity and antagonism between woman operating TNR programs and some of their neighbours. TNR polarises opinions.

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5 thoughts on “Firefighter convicted in assault case over stray cat feeding”

  1. He was sentenced to:

    — six months in jail

    — spend three years on formal probation

    — 25 days of Caltrans work and a year of anger management classes

      1. At least he was convicted and sentenced. That is a result by my standards as so many cases like this end up in the long grass.

  2. I’m certain that he won’t get the 7 years, but a conviction alone will bar him from any public service position.
    What I wish most to happen is that he has to perform 1000 community service hours caring for feral colonies.
    Just assign him to me….

  3. Sandra Murphey, No. CA, USA

    This woman could have been killed. There’s a serious war going on between cat haters and cat lovers. I think having pepper spray handy when feeding ferals could be a defensive move I’d consider.

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