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Firefighters Didn’t Try To Save My Cat — 18 Comments

  1. Really sad and sorry to read this, it’s so awful and of course it must be in your mind all the time, I’m shocked that no-one tried to save Joey, and so sorry about your loss of Chad too. Both beautiful and well loved cats. Life is so cruel sometimes. RIP boys xx

  2. I’m so sorry for your Loss. Thats so horrible 🙁 I would feel the same way. My Cats mean the same for me as well. That would of just been so sad and horrible. Especially seeing no-one rescued your animals!!!

  3. I’m so sorry that they thought of your inanimate objects rather than rescue you beautiful friend 🙁 I can’t for one minute imagine what went through and are still going through its something you’ll never forget I imagine.

    Your 2 cats were indeed beautiful and they have a look of love in their eyes which can only be for you 🙂

    I hope you have another friend to love

  4. Jayme – This is terrible. What beautiful cats, and how much you must have loved them both. It is beyond comprehension why they couldn’t lift your boy off the chair and carrying him outside, unless they were thinking the roof was ready to cave in. Or perhaps they didn’t see the poor cat I feel for you – and share your sorrow.

    • Such beautiful cats and heart breaking to lose two so close together and Joey so tragically.
      We lost two cats within 2 days, Bert died of old age and we could accept that, but little Alice was only 3, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour and PTS the very next day.
      All our lost cats over 40 years are in my heart and I feel so very much for anyone losing their cats too.

  5. This was Joey relaxing and looking out the living room window. Which would soon be a scene of chaos and terror the night he was killed in the fire.

  6. This is my boy Joey who perished in the fire Sept. 22, 2012. It wasn’t even a month of Chad dying before i had to cremate yet another pet friend. This is his very first picture i took of him after having brought him home from the shelter.

  7. This is the final picture i ever took of Chad. This is what he looked like the day i took him in to the vet to have him put down. I think he knew something was up. He didn’t fight it. I fought all the way. i fought death hard that day. i didn’t want it to happen. This was my final picture to show i had carried him all the way to his final ending. He was a sweetheart. Miss him horrendously!

  8. Hey Guys i wanted to share these photo’s with you of my boys, Chad and Joey. My precious Chad passed this life Aug. 16th, 2012 after a brief bout of cancer. The most dreadful day of my life was taking him in to the vet’s office to be put down. On that day i could be heard letting out the worse yell ever. When his small head went limp in my hand i could not control it no more.

    The other cat is Joey. He perished in the fire Sept. 22, 2012. He was full of spunk and mischievousness. Gone but never forgotten. EVER.

  9. Jayme … I’m so very sorry that those firemen didn’t save your Joey (especially when you had signs, saying there were pets inside! I’ve never heard of them not attempt to save a pet if they can. That’s so heart breaking, because you lost a companion. I truly don’t have the words to express how badly I feel for you. Those men should be ashamed of themselves … it was not just “a cat” to you, Deepest condolences on the loss of those fur angels you loved so much!!!

  10. Jayme, I am so sorry.
    I hope the actions of those firefighters aren’t representative of most.
    You deserve a lot of credit for being able to push forward. I’m not sure the same would be true for me. That sort of bitter taste tends to stick with me for a very long time.

    R.I.P. Sweet Joey.

  11. Jayme that is terrible! How could no one even try to rescue your boy! Losing a cat to illness is bad enough, but to lose Joey who maybe could have been saved I don’t think you will ever be able to come to terms with that.
    Yes you have to try to think of the joy you had sharing a cat’s life rather than the ending of that life, the cat is at peace, it’s you suffering ever since that dreadful night.
    I’m so sad for you.

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