Firefighters Didn’t Try To Save My Cat

By Jayme

Introduction by Michael: I wrote an article about firefighters saving the lives of cats and kittens in the USA. Jayme commented on it and this is the comment…..(thanks Jayme)

Firefighters did not try to save my cat
For illustrative purposes only. This is not the actual fire. Photo by Joseph Krawiec. Border by Michael
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First, let me say I am humbled by the hard service rendered by the men and women who are our firefighters.

Having said that, I wish to relate my experience as it came down. Sept. 22, 2012 was the worse day of my life, other than putting my first cat down to cancer in Aug of that same year.

Then on Sept. 22, 2012 some family came to visit from Maryland and meet my new fur friend Joey. The day went well and we ended up going out to dinner that night.

On the way home I got the calls that would change my life forever. The firemen were at my home bashing my windows out and tossing my belongings into the street.

Inside on a chair lay my fur friend Joey. Not one firefighter offered any assistance to my friend and ignored him as if he was just a stuffed nothing.

Not one crew member took him outside to work on him. To offer any oxygen or CPR of any kind. My whole family was livid!!

I even had signs on my windows stating that I had pets inside and what they are. Yet, somehow in the nightmare that unfolded that night I will never know what possibilities there were to save my boy because no one EVEN TRIED!!! Am I angry!! You darn right I am!!!

All they had to do was try and they skipped out on the option to see what aid could be rendered to a helpless cat laying there on the chair!!! My family confronted them to see if anything was done… and yelling and crying are you sure he is dead!?!?! Did you try to rescue him… Same answer .. No I am sorry…

I am forever haunted to this day wondering what could of been had those firemen even tried to save my boy!!! No, instead he was stuffed inside a pillow case and placed in the trunk of a car to be taken away to be cremated!!!

I am forever changed by the lack of compassion that night.. I lost not only all my belongings to this electrical fire, but my fur friend Joey as well.. Thanks to no one !!!

Yes, they are brave individuals for risking their lives, but that night no one risked trying to save my pets life… I don’t share in the wonderful bliss shared by many… I am a different person today…In 5 days from now I must once more think of that awful night when I lost my fur friend Joey and all my belongings two years ago. Its tough!

Thanks for listening…

P.S. As I near my 2nd anniversary of my boys death, I now try and think of the joy they brought my life rather than the horror of the loss. It is always with sorrow that I think about them, but as time goes on, its important to think of their contribution to my life. Chad, my boy of 11 years has the greatest impact as I had him for 11 wonderful years. I remembered him in August with 2 balloons that represent 2 years since he left me. I released them into the sky. I felt the sad and I felt the happy. They both made a big impact on my life.


18 thoughts on “Firefighters Didn’t Try To Save My Cat”

  1. Really sad and sorry to read this, it’s so awful and of course it must be in your mind all the time, I’m shocked that no-one tried to save Joey, and so sorry about your loss of Chad too. Both beautiful and well loved cats. Life is so cruel sometimes. RIP boys xx

  2. I’m so sorry for your Loss. Thats so horrible 🙁 I would feel the same way. My Cats mean the same for me as well. That would of just been so sad and horrible. Especially seeing no-one rescued your animals!!!

  3. I’m so sorry that they thought of your inanimate objects rather than rescue you beautiful friend 🙁 I can’t for one minute imagine what went through and are still going through its something you’ll never forget I imagine.

    Your 2 cats were indeed beautiful and they have a look of love in their eyes which can only be for you 🙂

    I hope you have another friend to love


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