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First forensic science laboratory to focus solely on crimes against animals — 5 Comments

  1. So cats will still be being flattened by autos, ingest deadly environmental toxins, and torn in half by predators.

    All could be prevented by launching strong cats-on-your-own property campaigns and laws with those misplaced funds that will never save the lives of any of your cats. But no, you’d rather blame the rest of the whole world for the deaths of your cats from your own criminal negligence instead of implementing actual solutions to your problems.

    Some cultures never grow-up and want to play victim all their lives.

  2. I’m very impressed and interested in seeing more prosecutions and awareness with this. Law enforcement and prosecution with likely use this new “tool” if for no reason than just because it’s there, but perhaps the animal lovers in them will inspire the lessers to get with the program. It could inspire the US to do the same. I see only good coming from this!

  3. I am impressed with the establishment of the ArroGen Veterinary Forensics laboratory. What a great step forward in the ongoing battle against animal cruelty. This is a much needed advancement. I hope that this idea takes hold and remains viable. We need science labs of this type in the US.

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