Fish bone extracted from calico kitten’s throat (video)

Video of vet removing fish bone from cat's throat
Video of vet removing fish bone from cat’s throat
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The word “tense” comes to mind when I watched this video. Once again this is a Chinese hosted video and I do not recall having seen a video of a veterinarian working in his clinic like this one. It’s a little bit challenging to watch but if you can it’s interesting.

I suppose the moral behind the video is that you should not let your cat feed on a piece of discarded fish that you may have eaten yourself. I don’t know whether this is typical in China; to throw bits of waste human food like this at a cat. Perhaps that didn’t happen. I have no idea. The cat does not look like a stray so I’ll presume that she is a domestic cat.

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1 thought on “Fish bone extracted from calico kitten’s throat (video)”

  1. That could be Russian or an eastern european language. It isn’t Chinese.

    Lucky puss, those bones looked like solid vertebrae. Nasty. Good work by the vet.

    Maybe she stole the fish whilst it was being prepared? Maybe puss was rummaging in the waste bin?


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