Fishhook caught in cat’s tongue; owner feeds his cat half-cooked rice afterwards

Cat was hooked with fishing line

This is an interesting little vignette of Asian domestic cat life. It sounds different to ours in the West.

A five-month-old cat was playing with a fishing line in his home in Bintong, Kangar, Malaysi…and voila, guess what happened: he got his tongue caught in the fishhook – he was hooked. Perhaps the cat was hungry and smelt the fish.

That must have been painful. I can feel the pain from here.

The second interesting event is that the Civil Defense Force (APM) leapt into action to extract the fishhook. Four personnel turned up and extracted the sharp, offending object in 20 minutes.

The APM is a national force that would seem to be dedicated to dealing with emergencies. I’d expect these emergencies to normally be about people in life threatening situations of various kinds. It is nice to know that they come out for a cat. In the UK and America, I am sure, the cat would have been rushed to the nearest veterinarian.

The final very interesting aspect of this story is that during his cat’s recovery, the owner, Bashirah Nan, 30 years-of-age, fed his cat half-cooked rice.

“At the moment, I am giving Black half-cooked rice only…” he said.

He had had his cat (named Black) for a month. Why is he feeding half-cooked rice? Big question. Strange situation. It implies that sometimes he feeds Black fully cooked rice!

I have no answers. Just observing and interested.


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Fishhook caught in cat’s tongue; owner feeds his cat half-cooked rice afterwards — 2 Comments

  1. interesting. . . maybe he gave him rice because of the ease of eating as opposed to dry food since his tongue was in the process of healing???

    • Sounds plausible. The half cooked rice may have the consistency of dry food but smaller and easier to swallow – no chewing necessary.

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