Fishing For A Cat!

Catfish. Screenshot from Twitter video.
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This is very cute. Made me smile. Made me laugh. Some said: Throw it back in. It’s only a little one….Catfish!!….That one is a keeper….A more serious comment: It’s cute, but I’m gonna be the killjoy. Please let the kitties keep their back feet on the ground in games like this, no one wants a kitty with broken teeth or a hurt jaw. But it is really cute.

This the power of cat play once again. They love these teases and biting and attacking. Fifteen minutes three times a day keeps the vet away but this is probably going a bit too far as the more serious comment suggests.

He or she is a super looking spotted tabby. The coat is beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Fishing For A Cat!”

  1. Maybe replace the string with round cord elastic. Maybe the kitty can’t be lifted in the air but the bounce back of the string is oh so delightful for a cat. Besides when I play with them with the string coming from a stick, I have a number of those cords hanging in the hallway from a fixed arm coming out from atop a closet door. Since kittenhood it has been an all-time favorite toy for the 3 together as a game or individually. It was originally a manufactured item called the bungeree. I kept replacing them and finally couldn’t find them anymore so we improvised. Have you ever seen s disappointed feline pout?

    • Some nice tips there RM; thanks. I have certainly seen disappointment on the face of a cat but a pout? Not sure!


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