FIV+ beauty in NC is in immediate need of a foster or forever home

UPDATE DECEMBER 17 Owner has been found and he’s headed home!

This beautiful boy is looking for a home and distance is not an issue. Take a look at him. He has what I call “old soul eyes.” Imagine what this poor kitty, who also happens to be FIV+, has seen in his eight to ten years on earth.

fiv cat

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His story is a sad one. He was a stray cat being cared for over the past six months. His caregiver brought him in to a clinic several days ago for diarrhea. He’s currently with a veterinary clinic in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. and the vet has reached out on social media saying

When he came back FIV positive she was adamant about putting him down but I asked if we could try to rehome him because he is so nice. I am suppose to call her back tomorrow morning.

He is an older cat (estimate about 8-10 years) but is very sweet and we dewormed and started him on meds for the diarrhea. He is neutered.

An out of state offer of sanctuary has come in but the sanctuary can’t take him until sometime in January. He needs at the least a temporary foster and at best someone who will offer him a forever home. Out of state transport is available so distance is not an issue.

Marni Miller is in charge of finding him somewhere to go so he’ll be safe. Marny does screen but all offers thus far have not passed basic screening, or they have failed to follow through with providing vet and personal references. Serious offers only should email privately to Tr*************@ya***.com.

Please share him to friends who are looking for a special cat to add to the family. Due to his age it would be best to question Marni as to whether he’d do well around other pets or children as many cats his age need to be in a quiet, mature home.

Please search using the search box at the top of the site. You are bound to find what you are looking for.

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