FIV+ beauty rescued from the streets of Los Angeles is now safe with SC rescue

This is the happy ending story of Moses who was rescued at the last minute from the 2 million stray cats roaming the streets of Los Angeles. He’s now safe in the hands of a South Carolina rescue where he’ll live out his days in luxury. His trip from California to Myrtle Beach is nothing short of a miracle.

Moe at the Head Butt Hotel
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It took Moe’s trapper and rescue angel Beatrice Prewitt weeks to trap this injured cat. Beatrice, long with cat advocates Debbie Morgan and Neela Nelson called out with a desperate last-minute plea, which was answered by Christine Zois and her Myrtle Beach rescue Head Butt Hotel/Feline Canine Fellowship Coalition.

“Moe” tested FIV+, which isn’t a death sentence unless you happen to be a cat in California. FIV and FeLV positive cats are euthanized automatically, given the number of homeless animals. Unfortunately, he also had a serious injury on what’s believed to be a coyote or raccoon attack.

Hope For Paws, the savior for so so many “lucky yet unlucky animals” answered the call for aid. As a result of their benevolence and generosity, Moe received the boarding and initial vet care and surgery needed to attend to this wound.

Moe before his latest surgery

Now for Moe’s journey. Beatrice was originally booked to leave Los Angeles on Monday night June 26 on a red eye flight thru Baltimore, Maryland onto Myrtle Beach. They boarded her on the plane at 11 p.m. with Moses in a hard carrier and then removed her from the plane when they were ready to take off claiming the carrier was TOO big.

So the flight was re-booked for the next night (another red eye flight). But Bea wasn’t happy with how the wound looked, all infected and she took him back to the Mission Hills vet for another surgery on Tuesday afternoon to clean out the wound again before leaving Tuesday night. She arrived Wednesday afternoon, after flying all night. and I picked her up at

Christine picked Beatrice up at 1 p.m. She stayed with Christine at the Head Butt Hotel and left to return to Los Angeles through Chicago on Friday so she could be back at her job Saturday morning. Talk about a woman on a mission to save Moe’s life!

Goodbye to the Los Angeles street life, and welcome to the start of better days to come! Moe will return to Meadowlawn Animal Services and Dr. Graham on July 11 for stitch removal and neutering.

Moe relaxing at Head Butt Hotel

The Head Butt Hotel/Feline Canine Fellowship Coalition is a 501c3 non-profit charity, dedicated to providing community support and assistance to individuals, organizations, and other rescues, to help save lives and reduce the number of companion animals being surrendered and euthanized by shelter facilities. Their No Kill organization is staffed by volunteers and they rely entirely on donations to support their efforts. 100% of all donations received, go directly towards the benevolence of the animals.

Christine summed up Moe’s rescue perfectly stating

“the animals always seem to lead us to the people we are meant to be connected with and this effort proves how teamwork and social media, enables us to saves lives!”

This story also shows that there’s always a way to get a cat from point A to point B. No one should allow distance to prohibit them from rescuing or adopting a cat.

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  1. What a heartbreaking, and now heartwarming story. Poor Moe really had a mean, painful looking wound. So glad he is now safe recuperating, and will be starting a new life.🐾💜💜


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