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FIV+ cat lands a job as ‘cat ambassador’ to Castle and Key Distillery — 2 Comments

  1. I agree with Dee, especially about FIV+ cats. We have one we had to take back from a “recue” group so they wouldn’t kill him. He’s awesome and #LivingWithFIV, even plays nicely with another cat. There’s still much misinformation out there, even from veterinarians, shelters, and animal rescues. Studies show cats with FIV can live with other cats and don’t pass it on if the colony, houshold or clowder is stable with no severe biting. They also don’t have the same rate of cancer as people with HIV. Positive cats are shown to live as long as negative cats, succumbing to another cause of death. You can find updated info on FIV, and more on shelter medicine, on here, http://www.maddiesfund.org/update-on-fiv.htm

  2. It’s gotten to the point where I think we should consider what is “profiling” for cats as much as we view it in humans.
    It’s never OK for any person to ask, and expect an answer, as to whether any human is HIV positive, has Hepatitis C, or suffers from any other malady such as M.S. No employer had better ever ask about these.
    Thus, I think it’s ridiculous that we describe cats as “FIV positive, FeLv positive, etc.” Those issues should have no bearing on their adoptability. There’s no looking into the future for what may befall any cat. We don’t advise potential adoptees of the common illnesses that each specific breed is prone to. I would never say, “Well, that Siamese you’re adopting will likely succumb to basal carcinoma, vision problems, or hip dysplasia by the age of 6.”
    I think we need to put all labels to rest and concentrate on what is here and now.

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