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FIV Positive Cat Transforms the Life of Suicidal Woman — 12 Comments

  1. I think that it has been pretty much proven that cats are therapeutic. That’s one reason why they visit nursing homes.
    It’s wonderful that Peggy has reached 16 years of age. Sadly, FIV cats are killed in kill shelters immediately. And, some ignorant cat caretakers would freak, too, and have their cat killed. Maybe they’re projecting about possible problems in the future. To me, killing a cat based on future “what ifs” is insane. There are “what ifs” with any cat.
    There was a time when FIV was considered an immediate death sentence. Like HIV, that’s not true.
    I have 2 FIV cats right now that are well, live among their FIV negative peers, and are 10 and 5 years of age.
    I wish people would stop being so quick to kill any cat that may have a health issue or doesn’t have a standard facial expression. Who really are the sick ones there?

  2. As to aiding people with emotionally challenges, I’ve had my own (ptsd, depression) which mine have helped me with simply by being a part of life I couldn’t do without regardless. Indeed I had cats beforehand. But again Michael is right… when they pass away it’s a whole new kind of pain that almost did me in itself. They just don’t live long enough either, even at around 17. The older they get, the more they “get” you too, then they’re gone. It’s a very cruel thing, that way. The best one can do is make the best of them, memorialize them, take plenty of photos and videos and write down things that endear them to you, and don’t try to replace them when they go… they’re all unique. Take time to grieve, and keep taking your anit-depressant medication, then in time, bring someone new into your life again.

    • I have been through the same mental anguish on the loss of my cats. There is the automatic downside to such pleasure, close companionship and support.

      Great comment, wise words. Thanks Albert.

  3. Any animal can be what’s called a “Therapy” (dog, cat, pig, horse, snake, whatever), which is short of the official “Service” animal, which performs some kind of physical service, such as a seeing eye dog. Cats are uniquely suited as therapy animals to those who are uniquely sensitive, I think. Being more independent and less controllable than dogs, they can’t have as much privilege, yet. There was even a recommendation last year by a medical organization to restrict hospitals from allowing therapeutic visits of owner’s/patients own cats from visiting them in the hospital. Outrageous. I would be interested in training cats to be able to travel in public, but I fear it’s just not their thing. Even wild cats that do take to training, have a limit to how much they can be exposed to strangers and public chaos. Cats just aren’t dogs, but they’re very cool in their own respects, in their own home area.

    • I completely agree with your comment. There are some great therapy cats but a dog’s character is better suited to the role by which I mean a public role. On a one-to-one basis in private cats are as good as dogs.

  4. i too suffer from mental health issues. i have type 2 bi-polar disorder, which mostly means instead of getting happy for long periods of time “for no reason” i go through the opposite. actually THAT is one of the main reasons we got Lex cuz we noticed that after rescuing Blaire my mood stayed pretty normal. this tanked when she died(which we shouldve expected since her mommy abandoned her), but within a few weeks wed visited & sat in with a few kitties. when i sat in with Lex, he kept nuzzling me over & over & thats how we knew he was THE ONE. thats not to say things have been all wine & roses, but its been noticeably better. i wish there was a way to make my kitty one of those registered animals. if u know how please post it cuz id really appreciate it.

    • Thanks Ed for commenting. Great comment. You have done well. I get a bit melancholy and my cat Gabriel picks me up. His presence is important to me.

    • Ed, I have just noticed the last line of your comment. I am not sure what you mean by “registered animal”. You might mean being registered as a therapy cat. If you do mean that I’ll write an article about it.

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