Five Business Lessons Cats Can Teach Entrepreneurs

This is a very cool idea. And it’s not my idea but I wish it was. Cats can teach entrepreneurs to be more effective. We just have to watch them. Cats can be amazing teachers.

Firstly, cats are independent. Often cats are criticised for being too independent compared to the dog but here is an opportunity to learn from their independence. A strong sense of independence is an important characteristic of a successful entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs like to control their own destiny. This is the first lesson cats can teach entrepreneurs.

Cats teach entrepeneurs
Cats teach entrepeneurs
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The second is that cats are highly persistent creatures. There are incredibly patient and patience plus persistence often leads to success when hunting. Entrepreneurs need that sort of persistence. There are lots of setbacks and failures in the life and entrepreneur. You just have to keep going, plugging away, trying something different and eventually you will achieve success.

Cats like to play. Entrepreneurs need to make sure that they incorporate some time into their life to play in order to make sure that their lifestyle is balanced and healthy. And what better way of playing that the play with your cat! Or just give your cat a cuddle and talk to him. Enjoy her company. It makes for a great diversion to the routine of life and the stress of being an entrepreneur.

Cats have the ability to not hold a grudge and to forget bad experiences. They put things behind them and move on. They don’t dwell on past mistakes. This is another lesson that they can teach an entrepreneur.

Perhaps one of the best-known characteristics of the domestic cat is their ability to snooze and sleep. Entrepreneurs need to ensure that the get an adequate amount of sleep so that they can do all the other things mentioned on this page. Humans are meant to sleep eight hours a day approximately. It is said that cats sleep about twice that but I wouldn’t believe it. Cats like to snooze for a lot of that time. Cats take cat naps. Humans should follow suit and do exactly the same thing.

The ideas come from Ingrid King and award-winning author of five cat books in the publisher and founder of The Conscious Cat.

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