Five Homemade Remedies for a Cat’s Upset Stomach

By Cindy

Cat with upset stomach
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An upset stomach in our beloved pets can be stressful for us, but not as stressful as it is for the cat. With this in mind you will want a solution fast.

If it is late and you can’t get the right treatment, a home solution might be best. This is why I have compiled a list of five homemade remedies for a cat’s upset stomach.

Restricting or Reducing Food

This might seem hard on the cat, but really they are less likely to have an upset stomach if there is less food in their system to digest. Just 24 hours of fasting or minimal food can give them the chance to make a full recovery, without the stress of irritation through processing a meal.

Do not make your cat go for more than 24 hours without food, and kittens no more than around 4 hours. Make sure the cat always has access to a clean bowl of water to stave off dehydration.

Use Plain Foods

The irritation could be coming from a new food type, or an overly complex diet. By cutting back to the basics you could be giving your pet the best chance of recovery. A bland meal can be some plain chicken whilst you monitor their progress.

If they cope better with this for a while then stick to it before moving them slowly back onto a regular cat food once again. By keeping their diet as simple as possible you are making it easier for them to return to normal.

Grass Fed

Although you may have seen your pet eat grass only to vomit it all back up this could actually be beneficial for an upset stomach. This could actually result in the cat actually ridding it’s body of what is troubling them.

You can even pick up grass that is safe for consumption in many pet stores and it is the fiber in grass that helps them to vomit undigested items which can even include hairballs – often the guilt party when it comes to cats stomach complaints.


A great ingredient for human consumption but the benefits such as relaxing your stomach muscles is passed onto our feline friends. It is also good for helping with gas so it is a good idea to sneak it into your cats diet. You can add it to your cats water bowl and it is even safe to put it on their food.

Even as little as half a teaspoon can have the desired effect and is safe for consumption.If your cat is suffering from indigestion it is also an effective home remedy.

Raw Goats Milk

A great alternative and if you have it in your fridge then even more convenient. The great thing about this milk is that it contains proteins, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and many other useful elements that are all absorbed into your pets system in super fast time.

A great part of a cat’s diet as it digestive aid that they enjoy. Many cats will sit and lap it up which will put your mind at rest as it gets to work straight away.

It can be difficult to get this is some areas, but some great organic goat milk can be found online.

So, there you have our 5 homemade remedies for a cats upset stomach. Some are easier to administer than others but all should give at least a small amount of respite for your cat.

The great thing about most of them is they are easily obtained so if you find yourself struggling in the middle of the night, give one of them a try.


Important Note: Whenever a cat owner is treating their cat at home for an illness they have to be particularly cautious. Cat owners needs to know their limits and decide when they need professional advice from their veterinarian. The first difficulty is diagnosis. You’ll have to be sure that your cat has an upset stomach. If in doubt seek a veterinarian’s diagnosis.

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5 thoughts on “Five Homemade Remedies for a Cat’s Upset Stomach”

  1. I would use extreme caution with home remedies. Delaying a visit to the vet to see if you can take it care of it yourself could mean life or death for a pet. The upset stomach could be a symptom of something more serious such as for example a potentially fatal intestinal blockage or cancer and if left untreated could turn into an emergency vet visit at best or at worst death for your pet. Using both a home remedy with a check up at the vet describing the symptoms would be best for both pet and pet parent.

    1. AbbyandSadiesMom/USA

      Good advice. First and foremost, see your vet. If it’s nothing serious, it’d be prudent to have the vet view the home remedies for a professional opinion.

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