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Five Quick Tips To Improve Your Cat’s Life — 1 Comment

  1. Gabriel is soooo beautiful! And you capture him so well in photos!

    Thank you for posting these important tips. One thing I’d add relating to “health” is to “notice” changes in the litter box. They are a “strong” (excuse the pun) indicator of potential health issues. Multiple cat boxes may be more work, but in the long run, will enable us to distinguish who may have a problem.

    Another tip is to watch carefully when you have visitors, and especially overnight ones. They can be quite unaware of things that might be harmful for your cat, in particular various food items, pain creams, or medications. Also, since they may not used to cats being under foot, they can be tripped up, or step on your cat’s paw or tail.

    I’m in the process of investigating and evaluating a new dry cat food from Only Natural Pet. They have a special offer that I’ve taken advantage of. They indicate free “samples” for a handling charge of $2 for each of the two flavors. I ordered, thinking the samples would be small packs, like treats. I was very surprised to find that they sent two 1 pound bags! Since I like to share information on cat related issues, I try to be up to date on new products on the market

    They also have a new non-toxic spot on flea treatment, which I will order. The price is a third of what I’ve paid in the past. I haven’t been doing any flea treatment on Mitzy, but now that I’m walking her outside on a leash, I’m concerned about fleas. I see her scratching a little, but I use the flea comb daily, and haven’t gotten any. She doesn’t have signs of flea dirt either. I’ve been using a apple cider vinegar/water mixture on her fur. She doesn’t like to be sprayed, so I spray it on a towel, then wipe her down, or spray in my hands, and apply that way. I would appreciate a non-toxic prevention strategy.

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