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Five Turkish Van Type Kittens Abandoned in Suitcase — 8 Comments

  1. This is horrible the Poor Kitties. SO sad that a Pedigree Kittens be Put in a Suitcase. I Hope someone nice will come forward. Are they the Fishing type Kittens. Even in this day and age. People still prefer to Dump animals. Even some of my Friends rather than take to SPCA would rather dump. I Always say to them best to take to SPCA rather than hurt or injure any animal. So sad 🙁

    • Kylee why would some of your friends prefer to dump kittens rather than take them to the SPCA? Is it to avoid feeling guilty? Is it guilt for letting their cat breed due to their irresponsibility?

      • I’m not sure Michael It really annoys me. I think sometimes they prefer the easy way out. They arent close friends, and I always talk them out of it as its just so wrong. I would say it would prob cause they dont want to admit it. It makes me sick when i hear an animal has been dumped or hurt in anyway.

  2. It astonishes me that that sort of abandonment would occur in a place that is animal no-kill and where a call for help wouldn’t mean death.

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