Flame Point Balinese?

by Beryl Brillant
(Lee, Maine USA)



Amber Amber relaxing Amber

We were given a beautiful long haired cat which we were told is a flame point Balinese. She is white with a muted flame color tail and ears, her fur is soft & feels like rabbit fur and her eyes are a pale blue turning to red when light hits them.

He name is Amber because of her coloring.


Hi Beryl...

Thanks for sharing. Your cat does indeed look like a flame point Balinese. The fur looks dense and semi-long but the tail - fluffy and plumed, confirms for me that this is a long haired Siamese (which is what the Balinese essentially is).

In fact, Amber is a traditional Balinese. The Balinese featured on this website is the more common contemporary Balinese, slender (oriental body) like the modern Siamese.

As is the case for Siamese cats there is the old fashioned original shaped Balinese cats like Amber and the modern looking cat selectively breed to get the oriental look (see cat body types).

There is a lot of discussion as to what is the true look. It is obvious: it has to be the "normal" appearance and Amber is just that.

You can see a Flame Point Siamese on this page.

One last point. You need papers - written evidence of pedigree - to prove that Amber is a purebred cat and only purebred Balinese cats can be called a "Balinese cat". I am sure you know that.

See What Breed is My Cat.

See also Applehead Siamese (original, traditional shaped Siamese).


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