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  1. I had to comment on our wonderful kitty, Maude. We looked and looked until she came to us and we knew she was the one for us. Her mother was a marmalade polydactile cat, so she has an extra toe or two. Maude was pure white when she was born. She has blue eyes that look more white than blue. We thought she was deaf when she was a tiny kitten, as she did not respond to any sounds at all. I believe as her flame points became evident and her cool extremities warmed up, just like you said, her blood circulation to her ears increased. She is six months old now and she hears just fine. She comes when we call and is so affectionate. I didn’t know this could happen (we would have loved her in any event). She sleeps at the foot of our bed (and sometimes crawls up onto us at night…haha). Everyone thinks they have the best kitty ever, but we really do! 😉 Thanks for all of the thoughts and information, it has helped us learn more about our sweet kitten who is rapidly growing.

  2. My tortoishell had this beautiful kitten. I think he’s a flame point. She also had a blue point and a seal point He is very loving

    • Wow what a mother cat! Yes, there is faint Siamese type flame pointing. It is stronger on his tail. He’ll will probably develop into a nice flame point as he grows up. Thanks for showing us, Alisa.

  3. Ihave always had cats. My father died in front of me from a massive heart attack when I wasn’t yrs old. When I returned to school a darling calico was in the playground after school. She followed me home and my mom said I could keep her. She lived for about 14 yrs and was a sweetheart. Last yr 2017 was a very hard yr for me. My partner died from Cancer and I had to put my 20 yr old Pearl down a few months later. She was such a friend to me. 2 days later an adorable white cat with peach colored ears and blue eyes appeared in my yard. He was very scared but kept returning to be fed and petted. I feel he was sent to me. He made me smile again and laugh and I named him Magic. .He is super smart, fetches, and cuddles for awhile under the covers. I worry about him all the time when he is outsude. I cannot take another loss right now and hope he will turn into an inside cat. I make him stay in at night because I live in the mountains. I’m sure he is a mix because of his medium long hair and fluffy tail. He is striking to put it mildly. I will try to post a picture. I love cats but feel siamese are for me…

    • Thanks Kathryn for your nice story. It is a story where cats come to you. This is how a friend of mine and cat expert, Sarah Hartwell (messybeast.com website) adopts her cats. I might publish your comment as a article. You may not have the funding to do it but you might consider a large cat confinement fence covering a large part or all of the backyard.

  4. I would like to introduce to you my 5 months old baby pyeol she is the cutest kitty ever and the most precious gift I’ve ever had, but i am not sure if she is also a flame point siamese so i would like to check~~

  5. This is Todd!! Such a playful male kitten. We got him at 8 weeks old and we did well, because he is such a fun and loving kitten. Puppy like, that my husband loves about him. Our 5 year old daughter considers Todd, a baby brother!! (Family of three girls)

  6. Not sure if this blog is still active. Thought I’d give it a shot and send a pic of our Bella. She is the funniest, most entertaining cat I’ve ever had. My question is; are flame points, as a rule, not lap cats? She will not sit on us unless we have something solid in our lap, such as a closed laptop. Most of her traits are siamese-like, and at times dog-like. Love her to pieces.

    • Hi Debbie, the blog is definitely active and more so now that you have contributed! Many thanks. Bella is gorgeous. There is nothing to suggest that Flame Point Siamese are not lap cats. She has her own likes and dislikes. Her own character. It is this which makes her prefer something solid on your lap. A cute trait.

  7. Hi my flame point of 16 years passed in November. He was so special with his horizontal nystagmus. He is dearly missed. He was the last of a found litter that I could not find a home for, and thank heavens for that!!! Little did I know he would become so dear to me. My other flame point misses him too, he is only 10 years old. He was waving to me at a shelter while I was supposed to be looking for a dog to bring home…. ended up with a lovely older German Shepard and of course the kitty also.

    • Thank you very much for telling us about your flame point Siamese. Thank you to for uploading a photograph.

      • Thank you for your nice response and for providing this neat web space for all of us to read about and see lovely kitties. ( I found this website while missing my older kitty and searching for pictures or videos of flame points with nystagmus). I learned, by reading your writing, many things about flame point kitties, thank you

  8. My wife and I have a flame point his name is Caspurr he has about 1000 differant meows very talkative he plays hard likes to hiss while playing dosent use his claws when playing with his mommy but me I’m his dad I get full calw and little bit of a night he will howl if left alone and he is loud he turns 22 in July he likes to travel and he lifts his head to go outside on a leash iv never had a car like this I don’t know what we will do when he passes but he dosent look his age at all and in order for him to go to sleep he has to suck on his mom’s shirt and she has to hold him

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