Flat Faced Persian Requires Extra Healthcare

by Richard
(Keyport NJ USA)

Cute Looking Persian Cat

Cute Looking Persian Cat "Magpie"

Cute Looking Persian Cat

About a year ago I posted some pics of my 3-4 month old Persian kitten, Magpie.

Here are some current shots now that she's 15-16 months.

As I mentioned last time - I will never get another Persian and I will never let the opportunity pass of saying I am against the breeding of companion animals with extreme physical characteristics - if those traits cause hardship for the animal. Or even if they cause hardship for the owner.

My cat is beautiful...but only remains so because of my incredible effort.

Her coat is NO problem whatsoever. A weekly bath and blow dry and one or two five minute combings during the week is all it takes.

BUT her eye care is tough - at least 3 times a day. She would look so horrible (and her eyes would glue shut) if I went 2-3 days without doing it...not to mention the staining of the fur that would occur.

Eating remains a problem. She requires 4 meals a day because it is too difficult for her to eat a lot at once (because of her flat face). I could hand feed her - so she could eat a lot more at one time- but I simply won't commit to hand feeding a creature every day, twice a day, for 15 years! So instead I feed her 4 times a day....and her weight is fine.

She doesn't suffer because I'm so diligent...but why should a person HAVE to work so hard to keep a cat? My other "regular cats" are NO work at all and just as cute and friendly.

Yet, she is mine and I love her. If her health conditions happened normally, I wouldn't feel bad - I'd just feel happy to make her life sweet. But the fact that people INTENTIONALLY do this to cats - out of vanity - because they like a perfectly flat face and pop eyes - is an abomination!

I hope you think she's cute 🙂


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Flat Faced Persian Requires Extra Healthcare

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Aug 21, 2011 Hello
by: Michael

Hello Richard. Nice to hear from you again. You know that I agree with everything you say about breeding extreme appearance cats. You have first hand experience of caring for such a cat and that carries weight.

Unfortunately most Persian cat breeders in the USA prioritise the appearance of the cat over health.

Personally I prefer the appearance of the traditional Persian. I think the flat faced Persian is a mistake. The same goes for the rat-like modern Siamese.

Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. Despite preferring traditional Persians I find Magpie very impressive.

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