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Photo by Tabbymom Jen (Flickr)

Cat play is healthy. It replaces what we sometimes take from our cat - hunting for prey. Play is also healthy for people for a different reason.

Physical play is good for a cat's mental and physical well-being. I have always been concerned for full-time indoor cats.

Play for these cats is particularly important as they can become bored and develop behavioral problems.

I think full-time indoor living without adequate stimulation through play can cause health problems based on stress.

A cat's environment if it is a full-time indoor environment needs to be enriched. This usually takes the form of cat scratching posts, cat condos etc., cat window seats and cat toys.

Cat play is both mental stimulation and exercise for the cat.

The Fling-ama-String is a particularly good cat toy provided you use rechargeable batteries! If a cat likes the toy, and lots do, the batteries will run down fast. Get rechargeables. There will still be a cost but it is probably worth it.

Getting a cat to play with a toy can be a problem. The Fling-ama-String is said to be particularly attractive to a cat.

It gets good Amazon.com reviews: 68 reviews awarding four stars. That is good but please be aware that sometimes reviews are paid for.

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Mar 09, 2011 To Anna
by: Ruth

Hi Anna, I'm so sorry about your mother and I hope she soon recovers and is up and about again.
My late mother broke her hip after falling in hospital but by the time she was properly diagnosed it was too late to fix it. She walked in with stomach trouble but came out in a wheelchair.
My sister and I inherited her love of cats.
I've often wondered what sort of games declawed cats can play as they can't grasp like clawed cats.
It sounds like you've devised a good one for Lyova !
Take care of yourself too Anna.

Mar 09, 2011 playing away better than sleeping away
by: Anna

Hi, Ruth, Hi, Michael:

Sleeping the life away is awful and dangerously unhealthy. I was not participating in this discussion for a few days because my Mom is in intensive care unit after she fell and broke her hip bone. The biggest complication could arise from the immobilization and lengthy bed regime.
For cats as well! If they are not moving around, playing and stretching, the circulatory system does not work well to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, and taking away dangerous wastes,organs are suffering and can eventually fail..
Since my beloved kitty Lyova was declawed by the former cruel or/and uneducated owners, and can't spend too much time outdoors (only in my presence once in a while) I went out of my way to find and create special toys for her, the ones she was able to catch and move with her mutilated little furry paws (after that horrific amputation she'd had to endure).
She is waiting for me to come home from work to chase and catch a big paper bird I designed with a very thick (thicker than in the toy you picture above) soft rope. And only after that "hunt" she has her supper and relaxes holding her "bird". She can go to the bathroom successfully at night, which I am happy to report in the morning:-)
Exercise is needed for cats to keep their both smooth (involuntary) and skeletal(voluntary) muscle tone.

Mar 08, 2011 Good idea but .....
by: Ruth

Fling-ama-string looks a good idea but nothing can replace spending quality time playing with our cats ourselves.
I think it's very unfair to have a cat and leave him for hours on end and then not give him lots of attention when you can.
Our boyz know if I have to go out I'll make it up to them later. Walter isn't too bothered but Jozef watches me go and runs to meet me when I return.
He gives me the same welcome I give him every time he comes in from his trips outdoors.
We have devised lots of 'cats games' which we all enjoy. Walt will play a while but he has a much shorter attention span than Jo.
People say cats are happy sleeping, yes they are to a certain extent, but sleeping their lives away out of boredom isn't happiness.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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