Hello kitty lovers! My name is Garfield. I am a two year-old neutered declawed male tabby cat, who lives in the south of the good ole USA – in the Central Florida area.

No matter how hard I try to figure out the reason why my guardian bestowed that moniker on me, I continue to be at a loss for an answer to my burning question. My appearance and purrsonality doesn’t at all resemble that of the iconic cartoon character who was created by artist Jim Davis in 1978.

The breed of the original Garfield was an Exotic Shorthair. While my intelligence is on an equal or superior to his, I am far from “exotic”. I am just a kick back mixed-breed kitty who enjoys basking indoors in the sun, stretching out in the spacious window seat that my guardian prepared especially for me.

Unlike the “other Garfield”, I am neither lazy nor cynical, nor do I make hasty and nasty judgments of others in the manner for which he was famous. But we do have something very much in common (besides being felines). We are both passionate “foodies”.

And while he is vastly overweight, maybe even considered to be obese by those in the “know”, I am a slim, trim, muscularly built “hotty”. Let me tell you folks, I am beautiful beyond description.

Since the “other” Garfield was born in Mamma Leone’s Italian restaurant I can readily understand why he so greatly enjoyed chowing down on a plate topped high with lasagna. But since I was born in very simple surroundings in Florida, I far prefer dining on a delicious and nutritious can of species appropriate cat food which my guardian carefully prepares for my meals. My favorite flavors are chicken, turkey or beef. In fact, I may be one of the only kitties in the world that can truthfully brag about purring at the same time that I am polishing off my dinner.

Now I am sure by now that you all are wondering why I am taking so much time to introduce myself. You see, the “other” Garfield still continues to enjoy sharing himself in the homes of countless people who adore him. However, at the present time I am desperately in need a new and permanent loving home.

My guardian has become extremely ill. He suffers from Congestive, Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Since he has difficulty breathing, his doctor informed him that he must quickly find a new home for me. He loves me deeply and is very upset about having to have me re-homed. Sadly however,he didn’t listen to his friend’s poignant pleas not to have me declawed. Obviously, as a result I am relegated to being an indoor-only kitty.

I am extremely affectionate, easy going, love people and am very playful. Even though I have been an “only” kitty, with some patience and understanding I bet I would enjoy sharing a home that has other cats. And in spite of being declawed I still use my litter box with no problems at all.

So if any of you readers are able to open your home to me, or you know someone who can, it would be more than greatly appreciated, since you guys know a lot about kitties it would make me feel very safe and secure.

Just leave a comment or let Michael Broad know about of your interest, and we can then proceed to work out plans for transportation and any necessary logistics.


Thanks for listening!
P.S. I don’t bite!

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • Update on Vincent and Torti:

    I just got off the phone with Johanna who owns the Sanctuary to inquire about the cats.

    She told me that they are doing extremely well, and now have a couple of new friends with whom to play who were also adopted from Zeus' Place. They too will have a permanent home at the sanctuary.

    I wish I had more detailed information, but it's difficult to contact these folks- they are extremely busy. But Johanna assured me all is good.

  • It's so important to me to have a vet that doesn't practice animal mutilation like declawing, silencing, tail bobbing...
    I will miss Dr. Kramar so much, but that wife of his won't let me have him. LOL! So selfish...
    I have, finally, settled on a group of vets that seem very ethical and progressive in their thinking. They are, also, nonjudgmental and have no problem caring for ferals.

    • That being said Dee, if you see one of your feral's who seems ill, and it isn't one that you can approach - do you let nature take its course, or are you aggressive in capturing the cat? I'm asking for selfish reasons. I'll report about that another time. I'm in a quandary though. When you help cats, but let them live free...when do you step in? How do you know when to help?

      • Not an easy question, DW.
        If the cat is obviously injured, I will do everything I can to capture.
        What's hard with a colony and true ferals is that their illness isn't always evident to me at first because I can't get close. Sometimes, by the time I can see something is wrong, it's quite serious. And, yes, I'll try to capture them. Wild and sick is a combustible situation, and they are very hard to get unless they're disoriented or weakened. Evidence of suffering is key as to whether the fight is worth their and my stress.
        I have catch poles that are much gentler than what animal control has, but I hate using them unless there's no other way. There have been a couple that I just couldn't get, and they just disappeared (somewhere to die).

        • I think the cats who can't be caught and helped or gently PTS for their own sake, prefer to revert to true wildness and go off somewhere to hole up and die.
          I think that Nature takes over, they sort of 'switch off' and wait for their release.
          It's sad to think of a cat dying alone but I do think truly wild cats prefer it that way.

    • Dee, writing about your vets could be another little project. Sorry to keep giving you ideas for projects but we do love to praise good vets. Put that one in the queue with the others!

  • Amy,

    Most doctors look for the "trigger" and without a thought in the world about the relationship between the cat and their patients immediately go to "get rid of the cat".

    They don't for a moment think about how this can affect the emotional state of their patient. As far as I know, symptoms of COPD can be worsened with stress and upset.

    This doctor didn't give a fig about his patient OR his patient's cat- and unfortunately, doctors are viewed as "gods" by many of their patients.

    We made some really excellent suggestions to Garfield's guardian about how to lessen the effects of dander, but he wasn't interested in trying since his doctor "ordered him" to rehome the cat. That made me really angry. Sigh...

    • Well, to be blunt, I guess I will be the one to state the obvious: you declaw your "beloved" feline? and you're told by your PC that the cat needs to go? /no problem!

    • Hi Jo, there wasn't a reply option on your comment above about Kirsten Doub, so I'm replying here.
      She seems to be a lovely lady and a very ethical vet, I love it that she's hoping to prove by xrays etc that declawing is indeed cruel! I hope she gets many declawed cats to study and help their caretakers with advice too AND to stop them ever having another cat declawed.
      We are in touch because she is going to print off some of my anti declaw posters, which I'm VERY pleased about.
      I think it would be good if you write an article about her and how she needs declawed cats to study, because you reach many American contacts who will hopefully share it.
      We need to give her all the help we can xx

      • Ruth!

        I received another reply from Dr. D, and she has agreed to let me interview her. She would truly appreciate the support for her project, so I will be contacting her in the very near future.

        I think she is amazing!! The love she has for these cats comes through very strongly in her emails.

        Stay tuned!

      • Ruth,

        I will be contacting her ASAP. I have a lot of questions for her, and hope that she will be open to my writing about her. The "energy" in her email was so very inviting - so we shall see.

  • Very disturbing story. I am against de-clawing from the get go. It is painful and can causes many different difficult problems for the cat. But I have to state I suffer from COPD and am owned by 7 cats and 2 dogs (all rescues) so why all of a sudden this person can not keep the cat? It does not seem to effect my COPD one bit. I guess my pets are lucky, but I would never give them up period. Frustration is running very high here.

  • What a beautiful cat. He reminds me of our Tigger we lost a few months ago. I do hope he finds a forever, loving home that will keep him inside and treat him like a king. Bless his heart.

  • He is a beautiful boy and one of my favorite colors too but alas....we are at capacity here with my own cats and several fosters. I sure hope he finds a good home. Such a beautiful boy. Please keep us informed. I know that the Kitty Railway would make sure he got to where he could have a forever home.

  • Very sad that this cat was declawed, why oh why do people not listen to sense and why do they think they know best and cripple their cats. I hope someone can find room for poor Garfield, it's a miracle that he is still loving and playful and that might help him to find a new home with either someone else who begrudges cats their toes or with someone who is sympathetic to his plight and wants to help him for that reason, if I had a wish it would be that Garfield had never ended up in this situation by never having been adopted by the person who now needs to find a home for him, perhaps then someone would have adopted him who didn't think amputating his toes was a great plan.

  • I love his tail. Very handsome boy. Looks like a big fella too. I would be surprised if no one adopted him. Thanks Jo!

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