Florida cat shelter has to close because of rezoning and the cats have nowhere to go

This is an interesting, sad dilemma and a serious one for an Oakland Park, Florida cat shelter which has to close its doors after the area in which it is situated has been rezoned. This means that the authorities have decided that the shelter is no longer allowed to be there and therefore has to close.

Beyond Nine Cat Rescue. Photo: the rescue.
Beyond Nine Cat Rescue. Photo: the rescue. This cat is a rare flame point Siamese incidentally.
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Beyond Nine Cat Rescue at 3501 N. Dixie Highway, will close soon and they are looking for adopters and foster carers to urgently come forward to take their cats.

The founder of the shelter, Sharon Fornes, has said that she is concerned and anxious about the cats because of the sudden change to their lives which is about to happen.

“Right now, we’ve told the city in a few days we should have the cats out.”

Sharon Fornes

“I think what tears in our hearts the most is that cats don’t like change. It’s very hard. My main concern now is for them. I’ll do anything to keep them from shutting down or being scared and not eating. That’s our biggest fear.”

Sharon Fornes

As usual, each of the cats has their own story and if you would like to make the next chapter in their story successful and happy then please visit their Facebook page to see if you can help. The FB posts below allow you to get their FB page.

Many people have come forward to help and the post below expands upon this.

Update: 10 hours ago, on their Facebook page, they have announced that they’ve been granted a 24-hour extension so they have until tomorrow night to get the remaining cats out of the shelter. Below is their message.

P.S. I expect these FB posts to disappear eventually as I am not sure that they will reopen in a different place. We are not told but it is unlikely as they’d take the cats with them.

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