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Florida: City commissioners working with volunteers on TNR — 7 Comments

  1. Dear DE-The stray female is a good kitty, very smart and sometimes lovable. I would rather keep her in a secure shed [ my husbands] for the winter. In order to even think along these lines; I will have to have as you say her surgery with an abortion. I have not addressed this possibility until you mentioned it. Will a Vet do this procedure If I ask for it ?

  2. Thank you for your comments Michael *
    God Bless You for caring so much and for keeping updated and well informed about the awesome cat world we share. Your friend, Eva

  3. I can say without any guilt that we need to continue to reduce the feral cat population.The alternative leaves many unwanted strays living in poor conditions, being injured, in pain and afraid, starving etc..
    And cats do not discriminate about their mating partners in the wild.The females are privy and exposed to any male cat that comes along.Cutting all the males is NOT the answer.One lone male will impregnate an entire community; it’s a fact; But we should consider keeping the gene pool viable because the stronger and dominate genes stand the best chance to carry a stronger immune system. The females need humane treatment with sterilization and free medical care-shelter and food and fresh water and love. I also strongly advise follow-up after surgery in case of complications or infections. I have a very young{too young] pregnant female in my yard this month.She is the outcome of my irresponsible neighbors; who believe that cats can fend for themselves.[Also a myth] These animals are domesticated and rely on us for help. Today I have to make an appt. to find a home for her [ which is not likely] and or having her put down [ which I am heartsick and angry about ________

    • Thanks Eva. Interesting concept: keeping the gene pool strong. That hadn’t crossed my mind until you mentioned but should have because that very problem has occurred for the Florida Panther, the Siberian tiger and Iberian lynx for example. Theses are 3 wild cat species under threat due to inbreeding. If TNR was carried out very efficiently you could get inbreeding causing depressed immune systems as you say.

    • Eva, you’re saying that your neighbors accept no responsibility for this young pregnant girl that is hanging out at your place?
      It’s a fairly common story in a lot of places, sadly.
      Findly her a home will, probably, be next to impossible; but, I don’t think killing her is the answer.
      Most rescue groups would be able to put you in another direction if you call them. There are, most likely, some low cost spay/neuter services that they are aware of. Ofcourse, the fetuses will be aborted in the process. It’s pretty much a matter of whether you want to accept the responsibility that the “slackers” left behind.

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