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Florida could be the second state to ban declawing after New York

Beautiful claws. Leave them alone vets. They are not yours to abuse and use for profit.

It is reported that a bill has been introduced by Sen. Lauren Book of the Florida state legislature to ban declawing except when it is for medical reasons which are in the interests of the cat. In other words declawing cats for non-therapeutic reasons will be outlawed in Florida if Sen Book’s bill is approve by the state’s legislature and signed off by the governor.

This development follows in the footsteps of New York state where declawing for non-therapeutic reasons was recently banned – the first statewide ban of declawing ever.

I don’t have the bill’s details unfortunately. But this is more excellent news in the fight against declawing. It has been a long fight; about a decade long. I predicted that if New York state banned it, which they did, other states would follow and there would be a domino effect going forward. I’d expect declawing to be eradicated from America within 2-3 years God willing.

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Michael Broad

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