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Florida firefighters and animal hospital join forces to save kitten with its paw stuck in a drain cap — 11 Comments

  1. Love this story. Really needed something like this after the horrible mother story a couple of days ago. Thank you for this story and many thanks to the wonderful people who saved the little kitten.

  2. A GREAT big THANK YOU! To these heroes. I am so happy that they saved this precious baby. I hope that the kitten finds a loving home soon.

  3. I can smile at least once a week thanks to me too! I’m doing a book review next for ShelterMe. I’m into all kinds of projects now. I have to have balance. Check out my new page if you do Facebook. I’m doing captioned photos of the cats. Still have a bunch to add.

    Michael, you too. You need more to smile about! It’s at FurbysHouseCats

  4. Thanks Elisa. I love those sorts of stories.
    I hope that he/she gets a good home.
    Doubtful that she has a caretaker currently, because not many people would allow a kit to free-roam anf get into such trouble.

    • Thanks Dee. I keep the abuse stories at nationalcatexaminer.com/home. I don’t want to clog up PoC with all the bad people in the world. I try to write at least one happy story a week for Michael. They’re just so hard to find.

  5. This is my favorite kind of cat story. I read somewhere that overall, firefighters save more cats than people, but when I first mentioned that, one or two said no, but I still think it’s true, and that it’s just as rewarding for them, though they’d not admit that either.

  6. It always surprises me how people can come together in such a committed way to save this cat and to give him/her a good life while at the same time, in general, there are so many cats killed in shelters who are healthy and who could and should be adopted.

    Also at the same time there is so much neglect regarding cats leading to abandoned cats and a feral life.

    This is a good story with a happy ending and I love to see the commitment in saving this cat and the lengths to which they go to do it.

    Thanks Eisa.

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