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Florida: Hoarder’s Former Cats Need New Homes (please spread the word) — 10 Comments

  1. I feel so sorry for these poor souls they all have a haunted look about them. What they must have felt, sensed and seen must have been utterly traumatic..

    Are there any post mortems being done on the dead ones?

    Is that the best anyone could think of?

    Another example that the HSUS is useless. The Humane Society never steps in to help anywhere.

    Get them out and burn the place down!

    • Well said Dee! What is the point? It isn’t a shelter its a concentration camp! Definition of shelter ‘establishment that takes in and looks after lost or unwanted animals’

  3. Thank you for sharing this story. Time is of the essence. Palm Beach County is willing to work with rescues locally and out of area, but they are giving these cats very little time. Please contact Mindy at the email address above or call the shelter directly at 561-233-1200 “0” to adopt or inquire about rescue.

  4. Thank you Elisa for your follow through on this horrible story. Those cats committed no crime, but may pay with their lives if not rescued or adopted. The pound they are in, Palm Beach County, is one of the worst places for any animal to be. In just the month of September, over 400 cats were killed there.

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