Florida man jailed on $32,625 bond after 4 dogs and 25 cats rescued from U-Haul in ‘unspeakable conditions’

A Florida man remains in jail on $32,625* bond after four dogs and 25 cats in cages or crates were found in the back of a U-Haul Saturday night in ‘unspeakable conditions.’

cat cruelty arrest
Marlon Flores (Broward County Jail)
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Hollywood resident Marion Flores, 47, was taken to Broward County Main Jail where he’s charged with 29 counts of unlawful animal confinement, 29 counts of causing an animal cruel pain and suffering and 29 counts or ordinance violations since he had no documentation of rabies vaccinations.

Police were contacted about the U-Haul in the 6200 block of Tyler Street by someone who noticed the smell of cat pee and dog poop as it oozed from the back of the truck. According to a police report, the roll-up door was raised between three and four feet and secured with a rope.

In addition to some of the dogs caged without water or food and cats living in their own waste, Hollywood officer Geni Burts wrote in the probable cause affidavit, “there was not adequate ventilation for the animals. (Saturday) the high was estimated at 88 degrees.”

Flores made the claim he was rescuing the dogs and cats following his March 31 eviction from a Hollywood apartment. Flores then took the animals and put their cages and crates on an empty lot. He brought them back to Hollywood Friday after speaking to Fort Pierce animal control.

According to a report by Patch.com/Florida with Miranda Grossman of the Hollywood Police Department

“Many of the animals were covered in urine and feces and did not have access to food or water. Animal Control responded to retrieve the animals.”

Arrest documents state

“Defendant took the cats to Fort Pierce and placed them into an empty lot in the same crates they are in now. Defendant stated they were left in a lot without shelter. Any reasonable person should be able to recognize the repeated infliction of unnecessary pain and suffering of these animals and or would know unnecessary pain and suffering was occurring. These cages were measured and not acceptable for housing these animals.”

The cages/crates were too small for the dogs to even turn around. Although Flores stated he was bringing food and water to the animals but Hollywood officer Geni Burts wrote in the probable cause affidavit, “there was not adequate ventilation for the animals. (Saturday) the high was estimated at 88 degrees.”

Miranda Grossman, a spokeswoman for the Hollywood Police Department, stated “Luckily someone noticed something was off by spotting this U-Haul and called police. If they weren’t rescued, who knows if they’d still be alive.”

Flores states he was rescuing the animals because he didn’t want them to end up at the Humane Society. Other witnesses state they saw three men going to and from the U-Haul.

All of the animals were taken to the Broward County Animal Shelter except for two cats who escaped during the rescue. No word yet on when or if they’ll go up for adoption.

*While several sources list bond at over $75,000, the Sun-Sentinel is most likely correct. Click here for the Broward County Jail for an individualized list of charges. No information is given as to the date of his trial.

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