Florida panther – conservation efforts have succeeded for now

The purpose of the Environmental Protection Act 1973 is “stated in section 2 of the act. It was designed to protect critically imperiled species from extinction as a “consequence of economic growth and development untempered by adequate concern and conservation.” (src: Wikipedia®). Mr Hamilton’s decisions would seem on the face of it to support economic growth and be untempered by adequate concern for conservation.

Hamilton is quoted as saying, “”it is frustrating to see so much wildlife habitat in this country being converted to other uses at a pace unlike anything in our history.” (src: http://web.archive.org/web/20141202023646/http://www.uslaw.com/ new window). I find that odd in the light of his track record of allowing it to happen.

Continued development seems to have encouraged human sprawl. There are many people including some politicians I am sure who want rid of the puma. It is simply an obstacle in the path of financial profit. And big business in league with politicians run everything. The Sumatran tiger is suffering an identical fate but rather then urban sprawl causing habitat loss it is the logging and paper business that destroys the forest: the same difference.

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Map of Puma range published under Wikimedia Commons license. Author: Zoologist.

Photo heading this page by danbodenstein (new window)

Photo of Eastern Mountain lion: Published under Wikimedia Commons which in turn used this photo as it is in the public domain because it is a work of the United States Federal Government under the terms of Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 105 of the US Code. Original work: US Fish and Wildlife Service. Photo by George Gentry.

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