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Florida Police Ignore Cat Cruelty — 46 Comments

  1. Woody is so predictable and never changes his record and if he thinks he convinces anyone at all he’s right in his hatred then he’s even more deluded than is obvious by reading his rubbish.

  2. I understand, Michael.
    I think Woody just needs to create his own website, maybe called, “My views from inside the locked ward”.

  3. Until you can comprehend why shooting that pet sheep, lamb, or steer (or even slitting its throat to let it bleed out) is considered humane euthanasia for your weekend barbecue out on your uncle’s homestead; or that hunting animals for food; or that shooting any animal to death to protect your own lands and lives from any animal is considered completely legal AND humane — EVEN IN THE UK — then you’ll continue to remain the delusional and ignorant psychotic hypocrites that you continue to prove yourselves to be. Remaining devoid of any semblance of the reality of the world from which you’ve isolated yourselves (but the very one to which you owe your very existence today, all the way back to the first flint-knapped spear wielding human), and are only now learning about through your still-isolated and myopic monitors and keyboards.

    See what your cereal-drooling bambi-cartoon educations have done to you? It’s not pretty, is it.

    • Your comment confirms for me that you are insane. You are probably living in mainstream society but you might be in a mental institution. I feel sorry for you. You don’t realize (and never will) how crazy your words sound. Shame. Please ask your supervisor for a slight increase in dosage of tranquillizers. He is the guy in the white overcoat. Bless.

      • I would have to guess that such an act may not be uncommon there. This is a small city (approx 1500 residents) and the median annual income only around 30K. The entire county itself is quite rural and, probably, one of the top 5 poorer counties in Florida.
        I expect that it is very “redneck” and hunting is common. I would expect the level of education is low.
        My subjective opinions of why the police didn’t act were because they (and, I”m serious) were possibly ignorant of the law, didnt care, were too lazy to bother, or just used to this type of behavior.
        In any case, the law enforcement didn’t come close to doing their job. Minimally, he should have been arrested for opening fire in the presence of residents.

        • I am sure you’re right Dee. You assessment sounds good to me. It is more about ignorance and culture rather than deliberately flouting the law. It is sad because if the law is not enforced properly for whatever reason it ruins the law. The law becomes worthless.

          I think this is quite important because it is indicative of how worthless or unimportant, as a sentient being, the cat is. It reinforces the arguments as to why declawing takes place. For some people, cats are not sentient beings. That seems to be the underlying message.

          • You might also like to know that it is also perfectly legal to use any poisons on any animal that has been listed as a “vermin” species in the USA. Stray cats have been listed as vermin in the USA since the early 1900’s. Another little known fact that cat-lovers often fail to mention or try to delusionally twist to their advantage.

            Surprisingly, I first learned about this from a cat-lover that went on about how cats are listed as vermin in the USA for a century, claiming that that’s still no reason to kill them. Further investigation showed the legality behind using poisons on any animal listed vermin. Thanks cat-lovers! For the valuable information.

            • It was not, the cat was shot on his own land (as reported in all other sites online). That’s what happens when you get your misinformation from deceptive and manipulative “Alley Cat ALL LIES”.

              I suggest you investigate into the facts in this matter instead of relying on manipulative misinformation from your fellow cat-lovers. Doing so only makes you look worse and worse.

              • Garret – show me the evidence, please. Just show me why this is legal because it was an act of blatant cat cruelty and a crime.

                Show me the webpage that proves it is legal. Quote the law and provide a witness statement.

                You are talking through your backside Garret, as usual.

              • Your proof is in that very page from Alley Cat ALL LIES.

                Why do you think no crime was committed, no charges filed, and that he was only advised to give them a little time to trap the rest of the cats that they wanted before he started shooting more of them?

                Are you THIS brain-dead? Wow. Get tested for Toxoplasma gondii. Something has evidently hijacked your thinking processes.

                Response from Michael: that is a feeble response. I asked for real evidence and you can’t provide it. A lawyer wrote to the police asking for action. They would not do that unless it was a crime.

            • You just don’t get it, do you. LAWS are ONLY put in place to PROTECT some species from being hunted, used for food, or to protect it from extinction.

              If there ARE NO LAWS to protect an animal from being killed then it falls under the laws and guidelines for every other animal on earth — LEGAL TO KILL OR DESTROY WHENEVER WARRANTED.


              As are the laws in your very own country. If it is legal to butcher a hog, chop the head off of a chicken, etc. on someone’s homestead or farm then it is ALSO legal for anyone to destroy ANY cat on their own property in your own country.

              re: “A lawyer wrote …” Now that’s a laugh. The same lawyer from Alley Cat ALL LIES that throws their own followers under the bus every time someone starts up an ILLEGAL cat-colony in their region. That “lawyer” conveniently disappears when that illegal TNR practitioner is then dragged through the courts and fined and convicted of animal-neglect, animal-abuse, and animal-endangerment. That “lawyer”?

              • This is a meaningless ramble. If you said something like this in court you’d be told to shut up. I asked for hard evidence and you can’t provide it as usual. All you do is rant and ramble. It is what I expected. The comments will be closed to you on this page now because you’ll just start to annoy others.

              • A premature congratulations on your part, Micheal.

                What makes you presume his land was zoned as “residential”? That’s just more wishful thinking and manipulative lies and deceptions from cat-fanatics. Like that’s any surprise. The police would not have advised him to continue shooting more cats if it wasn’t already legal to discharge a firearm on his own lands. How are those mommy’s basements urban rental-units working out for you? A bliss of self-inflicted ignorance is a wonderful thing, isn’t it. You sure do seem to enjoy wallowing in it.

                • Well, you seem to know the law well, so please tell us – quoting chapter and verse – where the cat was shot (i.e. on what type of land) and then prove to use why it was legal. Your comment has to be complete and full. No rambling please.

              • (For the record, I live where there are no zoning laws whatsoever. They don’t even have county ordinances where I live. The only laws governing the lands where I live are in The Constitution. The Jehova Witnesses nearby are even armed with automatic weapons, they practice with them every year. It’s not against any law in places like where I live. If you are going to quote laws, you should have more than an experience with your basement-bedroom walls for reference and the relentless ignorant lies told by your cat-fanatic friends, don’t you think?)

                • Are you saying there are no laws against animal cruelty where you live? Because that is the question surely. It is about that. That is the subject matter of the discussion.

                  It’s not against any law in places like where I live

                  You don’t say what “it” refers to.

              • Humanely shooting any animal to death as outlined in all hunting laws and laws on humane euthanasia for food sources is not animal cruelty. Why do you make some absurd distinction that shooting a duck or deer or hog or goat for food is humane but shooting a cat is inhumane? Your cats are not above the value and lives of any other animals. Less in fact. They are a highly destructive man-made invasive species that needs to be permanently eradicated from every continent.

                Here’s a link to an interesting website that reminds you of how you came to be and how all your fellow humans feed themselves when they don’t pay a fast-food outfit or fancy restaurant to do your killing for you. Should your “civilization” fail you then you too would do well to learn these things again. It might be the only thing that saves your life one day.

                granny-miller D0T com SLASH small-animal-livestock-euthanasia-on-the-homestead-what-you-need-to-know/

                You might even have to shoot animals to feed your own cats one day when you can no longer pay others to stuff dead animals into cans and bags for you. Why is it okay for you to pay others to kill animals to feed your cats for you but it’s not okay to kill cats? Just where oh where does your brain make this all-important disconnect from reality?

                • Why do you make some absurd distinction that shooting a duck or deer or hog or goat for food is humane but shooting a cat is inhumane?

                  Firstly, I don’t make a distinction. Both are wrong as far as I am concerned. There is no need to shot animals for food in the 21st century. You appear to be living in the 18th century. ALso how do you guarantee that shooting an animal is “humane”? You can’t unless you are the world’s best shot.

                  Secondly, this cat was not killed for food. The cat was killed wantonly for all the wrong reasons and it was a criminal act. I’ll write a page about that tomorrow.

                  Culturally we are world’s apart. For me you are living in the dark ages.

              • All the wrong reasons? Shoot one cat means saving thousands of innocent and defenseless native animals and all their innocent offspring being tortured to death or starved-to-death by that one cat. It’s a simple “animal cruelty” equation. How many animals do you want to have suffer to death? One or thousands? Even if shooting a cat would mean it suffers, that’s only one animal life that suffers to death compared to the countless thousands of animals that actually do suffer to death from just that one cat during its lifetime. No domesticated cat ever kills any other animal humanely. You have some absurd “animal cruelty” math in your head. It is far more cruel to all animal life on earth to let one cat roam free than to humanely destroy any one cat. That’s reality.

              • Although easy to do, I’m not going to spend time verifying that Bayshore Drive Freeport, Florida is a residential community and zoned as such. All accounts of the incident contain the words “neighborhood, neighbors, residents, etc”.
                I don’t have the sightest doubt that the shooting was in a zoned residential community. And, it is DAMN ILLEGAL to shoot in a neighborhood!

              • Woody seems to have time on his hands. Perhaps he would like to prove that Bayshore Drive is not residential.
                He says he lives in an area with no zonings or facsimile, I presume. So, where he lives is uncivilized. AN ADDED PEICE TO THE PUZZLE of what is wrong with him!

              • Here Dee, I’ll do it for you. (It’s so much easier to make false accusations against others than checking first to see if you are a lying, manipulative, and deceptive person, isn’t it.)

                Results for zoning Freeport, Florida

                “Property is zoned as rural village.”

                I suggest you reconsider just what religion you might be practicing when you continuously and directly disobey the commandment “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

      • Yes, thanks Ruth. I don’t see the police can ignore something so blatantly illegal. I agree it would nice if we could add our voice to force the police to do something.

        • Hint: As much as you’d like to believe otherwise, your cats are not unique among the whole animal kingdom on earth throughout all of recorded history. The very same laws and principles in the way that humans interact with, regard, eat, use, or dispose of problem animals also apply to cats. There is nothing about cats that put them above the lives of any other animal on earth, and most certainly not above the lives of humans.

          Until you comprehend this and deal with your psychoses concerning the value and unrealistic lofty place you hold for cats, you will fail to understand why the rest of the world does not agree with you. Nor will you ever get the rest of the world to agree with you.

          Even less now that your cats are causing problems in millions if not billions of people’s lives. It’s all downhill from here where your cats are concerned. And there’s not one thing on earth that you can do about that now. It’s your own faults for forcing your cats onto others that should have never had to deal with them in the very first place.

          That’s what happens when you become criminally irresponsible with your favorite pastime. No different than what happens to a bee-keeper next door when their bees become problematic for your neighbor that doesn’t want someone else’s bees in his backyard. The bee-keeper is then asked to cease and desist their activities. If not, then their favorite pastime that has now become detrimental to all other lives around them is taken from them BY LAW and destroyed.

          So now goes the way of your cats. And it’s your own faults. Deal with it.

  4. He said he shot the wrong cat!!!!
    Surely he shouldn’t have been shooting ANY cat!
    I hope those ladies don’t let this drop, they need to pursue this until that man is made made to pay for his cruel act and the police thoroughly reprimanded for ignoring it.

    • He said he shot the wrong cat!!!!

      “Crazy” comes to mind. Perhaps he was crazy. Perhaps he was on recreational drugs.

      How a person can walk into the street and start shooting a cat and then say it is the wrong one is beyond me. It just shows a very low level form of behavior with the gun at the center. It is horrible.

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