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Florida Restaurant and Wildlife Conservation Foundation Join Together to Exploit Exotic Wild Kittens — 7 Comments

  1. Real zoos limit exposure of infant animals to reduce exposure to germs and some disease. They are fragile. The USDA needs to shut these places down.

  2. DE-I have just went over this post again, and you can rest assured that I feel the same as others about this preposterous exploitation of these beautiful cats. It is an ALL-For-PROFIT scheme in the final analogy.

    Why else would they be using these animals as a side show attraction and charging $175-per person?

    I didn’t read mention of how they plan to utilize the funds for the cats, either. or did I miss that? All wild cats are still in danger and will remain so , due to mankind’s indifference, stupidity and greed.


    “Pseudo-sanctuary” is just a fancy term for “show for profit”. That any restaurant would even buy into this is appalling. I hope that patrons are smart enough to complain and boycott.

  4. A note on the above story. It is possible the wild male was a Bay/Geoffreys mix, due to the black coat under spots and swirls. As to the many cat breeds I’ve encountered, rescued, etc. in Florida; this cat was one to demand respect and frightened me.

    Eva says

  5. This is an exceptional wild breed that is found in the wilds of southern Florida, rarely. When a species is left to roam freely, they inbreed and new mixes are seen. These cats are strong and aggressive as adults. Their genetics are resilient and they live a long life [ if we protect them ]
    When I resided in Florida, I had one stalking my Maine Coon/Ragdoll when she went into heat. One night he entered our sun-room and was crouched directly over my head in the ceiling rafter, ready to jump on me !!

    This wild Geoffreys cat was spotted with a black background large chest, thick tail and stocky body. Clearly not afraid of anything. I grabbed a broom and finally managed to get him out of my house. The next day when I let “Mama-Robin out to hunt, she went off with the male and I hunted them down two blocks away under a neighbors abandoned trailer. He had already copulated with her many times and was going to keep her there, even if it meant a bloody fight. I crawled under the trailer, scooping up a handful of sand and threw it in his eyes, at the same moment my other hand was on my cats neck.I quickly placed her in my car trunk and brought her home. She was pregnant and gave birth the usual allotted time to One Large orange/white/spotted Male Kitten I named Samson. He lived a very healthy & happy sixteen years. was only ill during the last segment of his life. A truly awesome cat & undeniably intelligent, loyal [for a cat] and one of a kind. Still miss him , even though he left us 12+yrs ago.
    I would not recommend this breed to just anyone.


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