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Florida woman and her cat reunited after two years but he came back declawed — 21 Comments

  1. I don’t think that we can assume that Oreo was abandoned or allowed to roam by whoever had him after Carol. It’s more likely that Oreo became an indoor only cat once declawed but escaped at some point. Some indoor only cats are master opportunists and just wait for the door to freedom to open just a crack and bolt.

    It’s very unlikely that any shelter would have him declawed also. I, actually, don’t know any county or private shelters that would do that.

    We don’t know if the “second” human made any attempt to locate Oreo’s “first” or not, just as we don’t know if Carol made any attempt at all to find him when he didn’t come home.

    We don’t know if even more people were involved.

    It’s very sad that poor Oreo was declawed sometime during those 2 years. I think that the only possible way anyone would be able to get a glimmer of Oreo’s life those 2 years would be to locate the butchering vet. Do we think Carol might go clinic to clinic with Oreo’s picture? I would.

    • “by whomever”. If I had to spend my life correcting everything that cat-lickers have wrong in their astoundingly ignorant and disrespectful lives, I’d be at it the rest of my life.

    • You are so stupid and as I say, unfortunately there is no cure for stupidity. Declawing does NOT teach people to care for their cats properly, what is does is cause them to turn the cat out when the problems from declawing begin.
      Go and have your finger and toe ends axed off and live outside and try to fend for yourself you moron and find out how it feels!

      • Amazing, you don’t even understand my comment. If a cat is declawed and cannot defend itself, then the owner will keep the cat safe from all other harms in the world by keeping their cat safe indoors or in a safe enclosure where it belonged from the very beginning — if the owner truly cared about the life and well-being of their cat, that is. Are all of you this myopically blind? No wonder your cats are dying in all the streets of the world.

        • But the owners do NOT keep their declawed cats indoors safe, they kick the cat out when he starts biting or develops litter box avoidance, 2 of the most common problems declawing causes.
          Do some research before you make yourself look even more of a fool than you already have.

  2. It looks to me like someone picked up Oreo as a stray and took him home and had him declawed, without bothering to find out if he had an owner.
    Then when the problems from his declawing began that person abandoned him in the park as many people relinquish or abandon their declawed cats as ‘bad cats’ even though they themselves paid a vet to cause the problems.
    I’m so sorry for Carol who had made his life as a cat happy and fulfilled by providing a cat flap, but now poor Oreo has to pay the price by being a prisoner for no crime of his own and she has to watch him being denied fresh air, sunshine and grass and doing the things cats were born to do.
    It’s very very sad!

  3. Well I am glad she got her cat back; but honestly believe tame house cats should be kept INSIDE only, where they are safe. Coming back declawed is one thing, but coming back injured or dead would have hurt this cat & woman far more! Imagine what could’ve happened if she never saw the shelter commercial? Jeez! Being in rescue, I’ve seen too many cats with severe injuries due to being allowed outside. They are expensive to fix & painful to the cat. Not to mention, if a cat is unaltered (which NO cat should be,) it just adds to the reproduction problem! Cats are also at risk for a lot of diseases, such as FIV, FeLV, & any of the “FVRCP’s,” if the owner hasn’t vaccinated against these. Who is to say a friendly cat may not also go up the wrong person? That being said, I do have one guy who bolts out the door to visit the little girl upstairs, BUT I live in an enclosed building. Feral cats are different. They seem to elude people & injuries & have a little more street sense. However, I now have children who I teach bringing me stray/abandoned cats from their apartment complex (no pets allowed,) because they know I rescue & although the kids know & love these cats, they want them OFF the streets & into homes! If children “get it,” the need to protect the animal, we should too!

  4. How wonderful that Carol got her cat back, but how awful that he’d been declawed.

    Unless we know who had Oreo declawed, we don’t know that they allowed him to roam. If he’s a curious and confident cat he may be friendly towards strangers and perhaps someone simply assumed that because he was outside he was homeless? (I’ve read a lot of comments on-line from Americans who believe any cat outside is fair game and up for grabs.) Deciding to kim him indoor-only would have been their justification for having him declawed. Perhaps Oreo had tried to sneak out before, but this time he was successful, but unable to find his way back to his true home?

    • Good point about he being declawed and allowed to roam. But anyway you look at it someone had him declawed and either they let him roam or they abandoned him. I suppose a possible likely scenario is that he could have been picked up by a shelter and the shelter could have had him declawed.

  5. Some people are MONSTERS!!!Don’t hey realize that when You declaw a Cat the Vet removes each toe including the first knuckle. This leaves the Cat unable to defend Itself when attacked! What MONEY HUNGRY VET did this should be thrown out of the profession!!!! The Vet knew that this Surgery would leave the Cat defenseless, in pain for the rest of It’s Life and give the Cat severe Arthritis.

  6. We need to remember that cats are wild and curious. If they have a chance to slip away it could be any number of things, from chasing something, being chased, being fed by someone else, being frightened by fireworks or other noise. mating, or expressing their independent nature.

    I think that the dog is least likely to take off, but they may have additional reasons, like wanting to follow their guardian, boredom, escaping abuse, or other reasons.

    • Sandy, do you think experience through age in a cat can help to keep then grounded and more able to come home. It seems that younger cats are more prone to getting lost etc. outside. It is about the desire to return home isn’t it? If that pull strong enough he’ll come back even when distracted.

      • Live in a safe, cat friendly place, make home a welcoming and happy place to be, keep cats in after dark and when no one is going to be home to keep an eye out for them. This has worked for us for 41 years so far and our cats have lived/are living long fulfilled lives as is their right.

      • Michael,
        When I worked at the shelter, we had many reports of lost cats who weren’t young. There are many factors involved.

        How far did they chase something? How far were they chased? How far did they run from fireworks or other scary noises? Did they get intercepted by a human who thought they were lost, and fed them? Most animals are motivated by food, and a friendly cat or dog can be easily lured. Some cats go back and forth between homes.

        I have to confess that about 30 years ago, a beautiful, black, long haired cat kept coming into our yard when we had our German Shepherd. The dog didn’t seem to care. I didn’t feed the cat, but she kept coming over.

        When I got in my car to go to the store, she hopped in! I never thought to call the shelter to see if she’d been reported missing.

        We were getting ready to move, and when we were all packed up, she again jumped in the car. So, we took her with us. She was a sweet, friendly cat, and she died a year later with lukemia.

        Keeping cats indoors is the best way to keep them safe in a cat friendly environment. There are too many risks to take a chance. If you do, then you take responsibility for the consequences.

        I see cats like children in a way, because they do need our watchful protection, and knowledge, which isn’t automatic. There were so many things I didn’t know about cat care until recently. If people care, they’ll become aware!

  7. It is a sad story indeed. But I am glad he was reunited with his original owner. Hopefully Carol will be able to work with her vet to keep an eye on Oreo’s paws so he won’t suffer to much from the declawing. Poor baby! 🙁 I hate declawing!

    As far as cats wandering, I think it is more curiosity than lack of loyalty. The saying goes “Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought him back.” I think that the desire to explore makes them stray away from home. Most likely the person who kept Oreo for two years and declawed him thought he was a stray. Ignorance is a very sad and dangerous thing.

  8. It looks to me as though Oreo visited another home and was made a fuss of. He decided to stay little realising he was about to be mutilated by his new owner and a vet. Sad story really.

    Some cats do like to wander even their home is good. It makes me wonder why they do this. Is there always something wrong or is it just that a cat likes do what he wants. Some cats don’t have loyalty.

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