Florida woman supporting 3 feral cats in Florida is threatened and harassed. Help please!

Feral cat

Feral cat – this image for illustrative purposes only and is not one of the cats in question.

Calling all people in Florida involved in TNR or cat rescue and perhaps a lawyer who might be able to help.

Leslie, writing a comment on an article about the sort of person who becomes a feral cat caretaker, said the following:

Leslie writes:

Hello. I live in a condo in Florida, and have 3 cats I TNRd when nobody else would help them. I have fed and supported them for 3 years, being harassed, discriminated against, and threatened. I try to sneak food out now, but am being watched by neighboring apartments and they tattle. I cry my eyes out wanting to see them. They sit and wait for me. I need legal or any support anyone can give. I am attached to these cats. They love me too. Please help. I am scared to get put out of here. I refuse to stop feeding. I can’t let them starve.

We know this sort of thing happens. We know that there is a group of people in society in America who threaten, harass and discriminate against kind people who cannot ignore stray and feral cats who are suffering. As a consequence, cat caretakers who are compassionate towards feral cats have to protect themselves from unpleasant people in society as well as help the cats. It obviously makes the work more difficult and it must be very upsetting.

Society should not persecute volunteers who struggle to help stray cats

The people who harass and threaten are, in my view, ignorant people who’d rather see feral cats eradicated in any way possible. They appear to have no compassion and are driven by self-interest. They do not want kind people helping unwanted street cats because they believe that in feeding them they attract more cats and perhaps wildlife. They also believe that it despoils the neighbourhood.

If they assisted the woman rather than criminally harassed her they could solve the problem together and improve society generally. But they prefer to take an antagonistic, unpleasant approach, which is a reflection of their attitude and character.

I would like this person to be helped if at all possible. It may be impractical and I may be asking too much. Somebody can contact her through her email address: lbeck0614@gmail.com — and hopefully find a way to move forward. It would be a great if this could happen.

Are the cats socialised enough for adoption?

There is no doubt that there is no easy way forward. Perhaps the only way forward is for the cats concerned to be rehomed if they are socialised enough. Leslie will know the answer to this but she didn’t mention it in her comment.

I think this is the best solution i.e. to get the animals off the street and into homes if at all possible. I think Leslie would accept this solution. However, is unlikely to be possible as adult feral cats are rarely adoptable.

Can anyone help Leslie?

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Florida woman supporting 3 feral cats in Florida is threatened and harassed. Help please! — 4 Comments

  1. This is one of the best things about PoC and Michael Broad, that a call to arms (so to speak) like this can be made. I would be very stressed out if I were in Leslie’s place. That is a horrible predicament to be in. If nothing else, money can always help, which I’ll send some of. I sure wish cat haters could be reasoned with, but too often they can’t… The callous state of our country the past years leads to this poor attitude too, but things are starting to change. Everyone keep rallying to make life better or at least livable, especially for people and animals on the edge of society who need help.

    • Thanks a lot Albert. You’re a good man. If I could write this sort of page every day I would. The stories don’t always arrive but I have a huge admiration for people like Leslie. They are the best people. It is they who need recognition and praise. If America awarded people knighthoods and other such awards then people like Leslie should get something. They are the heroes as far as I am concerned. They are almost invisible and they do their good work year in year out.

  2. She says that she TNR’d them.

    I might guess involving building management might lead to further persecution, only the kind lady would know.

    If not adoptable as companions, a barn home would be ideal.

    I hope someone can step up to help her. Caring for cat colonies can be a lonely, scary place to be when the ignorant use a colony caretaker as a target.

    Sending Lesley strength, luck and love.

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