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Florida woman supporting 3 feral cats in Florida is threatened and harassed. Help please! — 4 Comments

  1. This is one of the best things about PoC and Michael Broad, that a call to arms (so to speak) like this can be made. I would be very stressed out if I were in Leslie’s place. That is a horrible predicament to be in. If nothing else, money can always help, which I’ll send some of. I sure wish cat haters could be reasoned with, but too often they can’t… The callous state of our country the past years leads to this poor attitude too, but things are starting to change. Everyone keep rallying to make life better or at least livable, especially for people and animals on the edge of society who need help.

    • Thanks a lot Albert. You’re a good man. If I could write this sort of page every day I would. The stories don’t always arrive but I have a huge admiration for people like Leslie. They are the best people. It is they who need recognition and praise. If America awarded people knighthoods and other such awards then people like Leslie should get something. They are the heroes as far as I am concerned. They are almost invisible and they do their good work year in year out.

  2. She says that she TNR’d them.

    I might guess involving building management might lead to further persecution, only the kind lady would know.

    If not adoptable as companions, a barn home would be ideal.

    I hope someone can step up to help her. Caring for cat colonies can be a lonely, scary place to be when the ignorant use a colony caretaker as a target.

    Sending Lesley strength, luck and love.

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