Florida woman touches hidden burglar under bed while looking for her cats!

A woman’s worse nightmare? Pretty shocking I’d have thought. Burglary is nasty for the victim especially at night. It happened to me and it took me about 5 years to finally stop being paranoid about sounds at night.

Woman looking for her cats touches burglar under her bed
Woman looking for her cats touches burglar under her bed
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A Palm Springs, Florida woman, aged 61, was looking around her home for her cats. I live in a flat and I have to look for my cat sometimes. They are very adept at hiding and moving around without being noticed.

This lady, a hairdresser, probably just flicked her hand under the bed to see if, by chance, she could touch her cat who probably occasionally snoozed under the bed.

Her hand made contact with a 25-year-old-man, who had hidden while in the process of burgling her home! His name is Christian Vatovec. She felt his skin. Creepy.

Vatovec lives nearby. Having been touched by the lady, he immediately ran off. What else could he do? He was caught, though. The lady says she is missing a camera and a gold bracelet valued at $800.

Me, being of little faith, finds it hard to believe that he ran off with anything but what do I know? Have the police found these items? No, they have not. The burglar had a gold ring but not, we believe, the items stated as missing by the lady.

The burglar was taken back to the scene of the crime where he was identified by the victim. He has been charged with burglary, theft and resisting arrest.

I wish the British police turned up to a burglary as fast as the Florida police. British police can barely bother to turn up sometimes. They don’t even charge the burglar, if by chance they happen by a miracle to apprehend him.

Is there a moral here? I’d rather get down on my knees and look under the bed than put my hand under just in case there is a burglar down there! I would rather see him than touch him blind; less shocking I believe.

Source: Palm Springs, Florida woman touches hidden burglar under bed.

8 thoughts on “Florida woman touches hidden burglar under bed while looking for her cats!”

  1. That must have been very scary for that lady. She’s very lucky that the burglar didn’t harm her and was quickly apprehended by the police.

    I watched a very creepy Spanish film “Sleep Tight” yesterday evening, where the main character developed an obsession with a young woman living in his apartment block. He used to hide under her bed and await her return home each evening…

    I’m glad I have a drawer divan bed. The only thing capable of hiding under their are the cats’ toys.

  2. Invading someone’s home here is a very serious crime and the police generally do act quickly.
    I don’t own a weapon, but I agree with Elisa. If a person invades a home and the homeowner feels that he is in danger, that homeowner most always has the right to shoot.
    Just looking at this scum’s picture, though, pretty assures me that I could probably take him down.

    • I guess, therefore, you think we are soft in the head in the UK!

      Perhaps the huge difference in how home owners are allowed to shoot burglars in the US is closely linked to gun ownership in the US.

      Almost no one owns guns in the UK. Burglars in the US probably carry a gun and therefore present a real risk to life and limb. Not so in the UK.

      • Soft in the head? Don’t understand.
        I don’t own a weapon and never will.
        What I’m saying is that the laws here protect homeowners who defend their families and property much of the time.
        And, police take home invasion very seriously because it’s likely that the culprit is armed.
        I hate guns and wish they didn’t exits, but I don’t see the laws really changing. Guns are very easy to buy illegally.

    • 🙂 . It sounds like you have reverted to the good old Wild West to us here in the UK. In the UK, if we shot a burglar willy-nilly we’d be done for murder unless the home owner was threatened with a gun or knife and genuinely acted in self defense. The burglar has to act first here.

      • A few years ago I read the story of a 12-year-old girl who shot a burglar. Turns out the burglar had killed 2 people earlier than night right down the street from her. We shoot first here and ask questions later. The police are tired of arresting people and the courts letting them back out to hurt others.


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