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Florida’s Proposed Animal Rescue Act — 11 Comments

  1. I live in Florida too….in South Florida. There are many South Floridians that live in condos, and it is typical that condos do not allow pets. It is a shame that there are some people who would be willing to adopt a cat but can’t do so. I linked to a non-profit group that is working to change this. Change begins, I hope, by bringing attention to the problem.

  2. Michael,

    The problem is that a bill similar to this one was proposed a few years ago (if I recall correctly), but it failed. Sigh…..

  3. This is a MUST for Florida to pass. We tried once alreaday and it failed. Dee-as you know Florida isn’t big on animal rights in many areas. We in Florida must get this bill passed once and for all. It is crucial!

    • I do not know the laws of the states of America in respect of animal shelters and how they operate but I suspect that Florida is leading the way in this matter and if so other states may follow if the bill becomes law. If I’m correct, this is a very important piece of legislation which as you say, Jo, must become law. The change is sorely needed. I will save many lives.

  4. Yes a step in the right direction is good news, roll on the day all the killing of so many innocent animals is stopped everywhere.

  5. Thanks, Michael.
    This is a big move in the right direction for Florida.
    It just makes sense that rescue groups should be given the opportunity to take doomed cats.
    It’s not everything I want, but it helps relieve some of my rage.
    I will never quit screaming and shouting to end kill shelters!

    • Michael shelters are famous for doing their best to avoid connecting with rescues. That was the jist of the ‘quick kill bill’ in NY. This bill has been brought to the Florida legislature every year and each year it has failed to pass. The governor of Florida however is a dog lover – or was – I assume this is the same guy – and I think he is a good man trying to do a good thing.

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