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Flurbiprofen pain creams are very dangerous to cats — 5 Comments

  1. This is a tough situation, since many people rely on these pain relieving creams. But having the awareness of the danger can prevent cats from ingesting it directly or from their fur.

    I use a cream on my hands and feet for arthritis pain, called Voltaren. I will be more conscious of making sure I put socks on afterwards, and not handling her too soon after application. It does get absorbed into the skin, so I could wash my hands afterwards.

  2. If the pharmaceuticals cared about animals they wouldn’t use them for testing their products. I know in some countries things like the LD50 tests are still compulsory from a legal point of view, but the pharmaceuticals are so powerful they could petition governments to amend that legislation if they wanted to.

  3. There needs to be more awareness amongst cat owners as to how easily their pets can become poisoned by products we humans use.

    The pharmaceuticals are well aware of the effects of their products on animals, because they are their test subjects in the laboratory 🙁

    It might be common sense to many, but perhaps all medication (topical or tablet form) should carry a warning on the dosage label, to keep away from pets and children.

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