Food loving cat likes to stick his arm through a gap on the hinge side of the fridge door

MARYLAND, USA: He’s Carrot, a smart ginger tabby cat. He was fostered by Rachel Zardus and Andrew Taylor after he was rescued as a kitten from a gas station by a friend who works at an animal hospital. Zardus and Taylor adopted him and he has grown into a handsome and smart cat who loves his food, cries for it and likes to play a game by sticking his paw through the gap between the door and body of the fridge when it is opened as you can see in the photo.

Carrot the cat loves his food
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Carrot the cat loves his food. Photo: Zardus and Taylor.

His arm has never been trapped you’ll be pleased to know. They got used to it and the sign is a useful reminder.

He is food driven..He cries for his dinner and he cries for his second dinner…. said Taylor

And he can’t help himself when he is compelled to try and grab some human food from the fridge. He has to try. He likes human food. I think he believes that he is human.

Carrot by his beloved fridge

Carrot by his beloved fridge. Photo: Zardus and Taylor.

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The photo went viral and is on Instagram and Reddit. I wonder if his love of food comes from an insecurity about getting it due to his difficult early life living in a gas station? Whatever, he is cute, loved and has become a bit of an internet cat celebrity.

If he’s awake, we pretty much know where he is – Zardus. Fridge?!

Comment: Red tabbies are stars. They are often leaders. I am anthropomporphising cats. But they are popular and seem to be alpha type cats. Is coat color and type linked to character? Well, I believe it is although a lot of people don’t.


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