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For 90% of symptoms of illness you’re better off with a cat or dog than a doctor — 2 Comments

  1. I think that an important element of providing health care to humans or animals is having an investigative personality. It’s too bad that many practitioners rely on assumptions.

    When I took Mitzy to the vet for constipation, she said “She must have a bladder infection.” and gave anti-biotics without even asking if she had trouble urinating, and without any kind of test. This was the beginning of my in depth research to investigate how to relieve the constipation. I knew I had to find the root cause, rather than treat with stool softeners indefinitely. The second vet I took her to, advised me to give Lactulose 3 times a day!

    She doesn’t have megacolon, but does tend to get impacted anal glands. Over the course of 3 months, I tried various things, and have been able to alleviate the constipation for the most part. If I notice hard stool,which is usually the result of not drinking enough, I give her a does of Lactulose.

    Just as it is when we get constipated, it mostly has to do with what we’re eating, and if we’re drinking enough liquid. The exceptions would be bowel obstruction or other intestinal issue.

  2. Thanks for this post Michael. It’s absolutely true that our docs should take into consideration the WHOLE patient- and so should veterinarians. Having a pet- a cat- dog or even a horse can boost our health. A purring cat on our lap lowers bloodpressure, as an example.

    There have been many studies that show that the pleasure we derive from having a pet can greatly improve our moods- reduce feelings of isolation so it must follow that it must have a positive effect on our immune systems.

    As far as diagnosis is concerned, each episode of illness or pain must be evaluated separately and not just make an assumption that it is the “old” problem.

    Years ago I was on rounds with my horse vet. He went to a call to euthanize a horse since the horse was very old and in a great deal of pain. The owner assumed that the pain was due to an arthritic condition and the horse was having a really hard time getting around- the problem was getting worse.

    Thankfully my vet was a detective. After lifing the horse’s hoof to examine him he discovered a stone embedded in the horse’s frog. He removed the stone and you could almost see the horse’s eyes get soft in relief. What he had was a serious stone bruise. He lived happily for another two years- and while he had arthritis the medication the vet prescribed helped him feel better and life was good again. By the way, he lived until he was 23. The vet turned to me and said “never assume that what is a chronic condition is at the root of a problem- one must view each situation as”new”.

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