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Poster by Ruth

If only the people who believe laser declawing is humane had to try it for themselves first, the declawing of cats would immediately stop.

Thanks to the Internet and to the people who are determined that the truth about the cruelty of declawing will be available to everyone, that truth is spreading across the USA and Canada where declawing has been performed routinely for many years now.

Thousands of people who believed the operation was merely the removal of the indoor cat’s uneccessary claws are finding out that not only is it the amputation of the cats last toe joints, but also that claws are far from unnecessary for indoor cats, that in fact they are essential to all cats whether indoor or outdoor, for their health and welfare.

People who thought that claws were only for self defence are shocked to discover that they are also for walking the way a cat needs to walk and for digging in to exercise the muscles as a cat needs to, to keep those muscles healthy and strong.

Those reasons are the main ones but a cat also uses his claws to mark his territory, to groom and keep his body temperature right and of course to play as a cat loves to play by hooking a toy with his front claws and giving it a good kick with his rear paws.

Declawing means taking a cats toe ends/claws from him and this causes not only unpleasant physical problems such as litter box avoidance and defensive biting, it also causes mental problems such as depression etc.

Unfortunately now that people are learning this truth, the declaw vets are trying to convince them that laser declawing is much more humane. They make videos of how much less bleeding declawing by laser causes and how much quicker the wounds heal and how soon the cat is up and about again. They don’t make follow up videos of later when the problems from the amputation of the cats toe ends begin. Because YES, laser declawing is just as much the amputation of the cats toe ends as declawing by any other method. The problems from laser declawing are exactly the same as by any other method. In fact there are more but we don’t see videos of the cats suffering with scorched flesh from the laser beam being misdirected.

Yes, laser surgery is preferable to other methods of surgery for ESSENTIAL surgery, but not for convenience surgery. Laser surgery is convenience cosmetic surgery which some people choose to have done to themselves on various parts of their bodies but in the case of cat declawing the patient has no say.

Vets surely have a duty to put the welfare of their patients before the making of money from the premeditated abuse of declawing. They can’t argue that declawing keeps cats in their homes, because it’s now well known that it does NOT.

They need to EDUCATE not MUTILATE and they need to admit that any client who even after education about the cruelty of declawing and the many alternatives to it will only have an adapted cat in their home is an unfit person to have a cat.

Vets in other civilised countries do not declaw cats, it’s high time that the American and Canadian vets who do declaw joined them in keeping to their oath to cause no animal to suffer.

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Jan 08, 2011 Spay/neuter not declaw
by: Colin J

When will it penetrate the thick skulls of vets who declaw that it does not keep cats in their homes,that it in fact costs them their homes countless times.

Anyone for declawing take a look on Petfinder and see the declawed kittens and cats in rescue centres.

Spay/netuer needs promotion,not declawing.

Jan 07, 2011 Why four paws?!
by: Leah (England)

I will never come to terms with any of this but what I find worse (not that this can really get any worse)is the vets that agree to do all four paws! Why for heavens sake!!

Its as if they they want to make absolutely sure that that cat will have absolutely NO quality of life for the rest of his years! That cat wouldn’t even be able to scratch an itch! They are taking pretty much everything away that is the cat! They express themselves so much with those toes and claws and they DO NEED THEM! whether indoor or not!!

I love your poster Ruth. Its true as well people who declaw think its all fine and dandy but they should be made to watch the procedure and see a cat coming out of the anaesthetic then they should have it done to themselves!! they are nothing but lazy, cruel, ignorant, stupid Morons!!

Jan 06, 2011 ABUSERS OF CATS




Jan 06, 2011 Better
by: Edward

Man just when I think youve done your best yet you come along with another one even better.
Its told so simply in pictures that even the dimmest brain must be able to see its wrong to declaw cats any way at all.

Jan 06, 2011 It should get through
by: Ted

Well if that doesn’t get through to people who think declawing is great,I really don’t know what ever will!
Ruth I applaud your obvious deep research into the subject,your imagination in making it come real to us in pictures,and your determination to let the whole world know the truth.

Jan 05, 2011 Laser Manufacturers Need Education
by: Kathleen

We need to be putting pressure on the manufacturers of laser equipment to STOP marketing their products to vets for declaws. Lasers may be a beneficial tool in surgeries that are truly necessary and medically indicated, but NOT for a procedure which is unethical to begin with. It’s true, an unnecessary amputation is still an unnecessary amputation regardless of the method used, and it’s also true that most veterinarians will be inexperienced in using them and practicing on their patients. (I have seen vets do the same with fancy ultrasound equipment, which is at least non-invasive.) Clients should be aware that they are paying for the vet to EXPERIMENT on their pet, and being charged the same as if the doctor knew what he/she was doing. Above all, the public needs to understand that we want declawing banned not ONLY to protect cats from mutilation, but ALSO to protect THEM from being conned and ripped off by unethical professionals who cannot be trusted.

Jan 05, 2011 Declawing is amputation, matter how the surgery is performed
by: Michele S.

Surgical laser equipment is very expensive, so you can imagine how many declaws these vets want to perform in order to recoup their costs.

They falsely argue that laser surgery is less traumatic and painful, but whichever method is used the cat is still disabled.

They also conveniently fail to disclose that laser surgery is very sophisticated and takes much experience to master perfectly. As few veterinary schools have laser equipment, this means they practice on their patients. Better yet, clients foot the bill for this learning curve. No mention is made of the damage lasers can cause in the hands of inexperienced surgeons. (I worked with a lady who suffered irreparable bladder damage whilst undergoing laser surgery for an ovarian condition.)

Why don’t more vets in the USA and Canada seem to care about the oath they made to protect animals from harm and suffering? If they are worried about losing revenue, why don’t they ever offer behavioural services? They could even sell scratchers in their clinics.

As hard as I try, I’ll never understand why anyone would ever want to declaw.

Jan 05, 2011 This is unbelievable!
by: pammy marshall

This is unbelievable, that in 2011 de-clawing of any sort is still going on somewhere in this world!
What is it going to take to get through to everyone, that it is extremely cruel, very painful, and disabling!?
Human beings are supposed to be more intelligent then other animals, yet still this cruelty against cats goes on!It makes me feel ashamed of the human race.
What ever way de-clawing is carried out, it is still disabling for life, and extremely painful.
Ruthy’s posters are excellently and lovingly created, and very good at getting relevant and important points across…..
I look forward to the day when de-clawing is oficially banned globally…forever more!

Jan 05, 2011 Greedy vets
by: CJ

Stands to reason vets who make a fortune declawing want to convince the public that lasering is kinder so they can keep on making more.
They should be forced to disclose that it’s just as disabling and has just as many potential lifelong problems as cutting off the toe ends by scalpel and guillotine.
They should also be forced to explain to their clients exactly why cats come with claws and advise them to get a different sort of pet if they don’t like it that cats need claws.

For the life of me I don’t know how they get away with doing it but seemingly they do.
Where are the animal welfare societies?

Jan 05, 2011 Biting response
by: Anonymous

Indeed, your post is correct about a biting response arising in declawed cats. My Mom’s Maine Coon, a Humane Society adoptee, was already declawed when she adopted him. Although not a feisty cat, he has little patience with anyone, including my Mom. Even in “startling” situations he bites first.

Jan 05, 2011 Another good one
by: Kath

I just love the way you make it easy in posters for the numbskulls who believe in declawing to understand what it really means.
I do try to excuse their ignorance but it’s very difficult to conceive how they can plead they didn’t know that a cat has claws for a purpose.
It’s time the declaw vets admitted how cruel they are and stopped this legalised torture.

Jan 05, 2011 Typical
by: Rose

Yes typical of the cowards who would run for their lives if they were facing the same operation.
It’s a different story then isn’t it.
Like the poor cat said,it had no chance to leg it.
It may be cartoon characters on this page but in real life declawers are nothing but the cowards that chap running away is.
Good one Ruth,God knows how you think them all up.

Jan 05, 2011 Well said Ruth
by: Barbara

No matter how it comes about amputation is amputation, yes a laser amputation probably means the stumps heal up sooner but that’s not the end of the story by any means as you have said Ruth, there is the rest of the cats life, which may not be as long as it should be because as we know declawing does NOT stop cats ending up on death row, as cats get older & heavier the problems with their paws can kick in, and there is the psychological effects too, frustration, depression, aggression & fear to mention just a few. Whichever way you look at it anyone who takes their cat for declawing in any way, and anyone who performs or assists with declawing are all abusing cats, causing deliberate pain and fear, things which are illegal under the animal welfare act in our country.

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