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For one day only (27th Dec) $75 Rescue Ragdolls from Mattydale NY — 1 Comment

  1. This story is bitter sweet for me,several years ago I put my now estranged daughter in touch with a feline rescue in Fresno that had 2 Rag Doll cats,Max and Prince who were uncle and nephew which today I deeply regret,back in 2015 I flew out there from NY mainly to try and get the cats into a foster shelter of which I had found one because Prince had a horrible case of stomatitis and the woman who runs the shelter was willing to take on Prince and get him on pain management and medication to ease his discomfort and when I was telling my SIL this on the phone my daughter then got on the phone and started to accuse me of trying to take her cats from her but thats wot happens when ye are tweaking (meth) and she put her own spin on it,last I heard she had let Prince outside and he was never to be seen again and I have no idea wot happened to Max and I will never ever forgive her for that. :'( >:(

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