For The Record – Experimenting on Cats

For The Record – Experimenting on Cats

by Michael

The University of California, San Francisco, has disclosed, as they are obliged to do under the law, that they conducted experiments on 62 cats in 2008. The USDA report is dated November 28th 2008.

I would cautiously presume that they continue to conduct research experiments on cats or are likely to do so.

The nature of the experiments are not described in detail but are referred to in the report as causing pain and distress for which anaesthetic, analgesic or tranquillising drugs were used.

In addition, for the record, the university experimented on 655 rabbits of which 314 were subject to experiments that caused or may have caused pain or distress and anaesthetics, analgesics or tranquillisers were not given because the drugs would have affected the experiments. They were injected with bacteria. Half were euthanised because they stopped eating while 25% just died.

The information is on this linked page of the website of the Humane Society of the United States.

California is the enlightened state were eight cities have banned declawing.

The United States is the largest user of laboratory animals. One reason is probably because it is a large country.

I wonder how we would like it if there was a superior being to us on the planet and under force they conducted experiments on us – the human animal. Would we have a different perspective?

Associated post: Rare Safari cats (wild cat hybrids) were tested on and killed (“sacrificed”) in 1994. This happened at the University of Washington.

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For The Record – Experimenting on Cats

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Mar 18, 2012
Cats in labs NEW
by: Barbara

Although I know it happens I can’t bear to contemplate what is done to the cats (and other animals) to cause the pain and distress that they then go on to experiment with treatments of. I can’t believe that anyone would willingly go to work to cause pain and distress to a captive animal. I think, again, the two species of human are shown here. RIP 62 cats.

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