For the sceptics, here’s a real working cat who’s valued by working men

I have heard it. Those amongst us who smirk when I refer to “working cats”. They don’t believe that such an animal exists. Well she does and she lives in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

Working feral cat rat catcher about to be returned to her place of work!

Working feral cat rat catcher about to be returned to her place of work! The picture shows Jean Sutherland of charity Argyll Animal Aid with the stowaway.

She is a feral cat who is part of colony of about fifteen who live amongst the prawn fishermen of Leverburgh on the island of Harris. Neillie MacAulay, a prawn fisherman, said:

“We used to be pestered with a lot of rats and we had a problem with them biting holes in the creels and leaving a terrible mess, but since the cats have been here there are no rats whatsoever. This one must have just gone on holiday to Oban.”

Yes, the darling cat in question disappeared for a while and she was dearly missed. She stowed away on a small cruise boat and ended up 200 miles away on Oban. It is interesting that the people in Oban recognised her as a top rat catcher and mouser from Leverburgh, Harris.

She spent a weekend at a local veterinary surgery and is housed at the Argyll Animal Aid charity. And now they have to get her back to the fisherman because they miss her. They have appealed for someone to do the necessary transportation duties.

“Someone from Harris contacted the vets in Oban by Facebook, the fishermen want it back and we will get it back.” (Argyll Animal Aid charity chairwoman Jean Sutherland)

There will be plenty of prawns waiting for her, on her arrival.

Feral cat colonies are sometimes seen at quaysides where they can feed on the fish. Where there is source of food there is more likely to be feral cats.

Source: Stowaway cat

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Michael Broad

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9 Responses

  1. Yes Michael_ “They have prawns for breakfast and rats for dinner”
    makes a Good Title for this story.


  2. Frances A Danna says:

    Michael, do you know if this precious cat has gotten home to the colony yet?

    • Michael Broad says:

      Hi Frances. No, I don’t I am afraid but I’d guarantee she’ll get back to her colony because this is a small community of people who know each other and who value the lives of these feral cats. Thanks for enquiring.

      • Frances A Danna says:

        When you find out that this wonderful cat arrives back home to her colony, please let us know in an update.

  3. Wonderful story! I wonder if the cats menu includes prawns and rats, or if they just chase the rats away and don’t eat them.

    I want to share this far and wide!

    • Michael Broad says:

      Yes, nice thought. They have prawns for breakfast and rats for dinner. I should have chosen that for the title!

  4. Dear Michael__I Love this story where the feral cat is given a place of dignity*Eva_

    • Michael Broad says:

      Me too, Eva. It just shows the world that feral cats can be useful and loved. There is a place in the world for them and they should not be persecuted.

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