For Tom Hiddleston fans and cat lovers here is a photo that should please

The title really says all I need to say (actually I have published a couple of photos). I have discovered that the cat is ‘Bentley’. He is not ‘owned’ by Tom Hiddleston. They were together for day. It was a photoshoot for Shortlist magazine. Tom has had more dogs in his life than cats. As a family (I presume when he was living with his parents) there were two cats; Muffin and her mother Crumpet. Muffin was his best friend for ten or twelve years. Then the family had two cats called Orlando and Grace.

“I don’t have a cat called Bentley….I love dogs too. I have always wanted to have a dog too…”

For the interested, it looks like Bentley is a fairly old (my guess about 13 or 14 years of age or more) tabby cat. Of course he looks great and very settled.

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