Forbbiden Blood Chapter 1 – By Iveh Ivyair

Forbbiden Blood Chapter 1 – By Iveh Ivyair

by Makala
(Salt Lake City)

This Is Scourge’s Last and Only Son

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This Is Scourge’s Last and Only Son

Hello. My name is Ivyair. I used to be Ivytail a past warrior from Shadowclan now reincarnated into a younger warrior. This is about one of Spottedivy’s Kit’s Wildfeather Thunderclan’s Medicine cat and her forbidden love. Spottedivy is also one of Ivyair’s kits.


A Young Light Gray Tabby tom with a White muzzle that trailed all the way to the tip of his long tail and down around all of his four paws, slipped in and out of the alleyways. He moved as if he were a shadow seeping around aimlessly. Thunder cracked in the distances but he didn’t flinch, not even twitching a whisker to it. He just kept going weaving in and out till he came to a Longer Alley there he paused. Lifting his muzzle up and parted his mouthing tasting the air. The stench of decay and blood welcomed his scenes and he dropped his head down before taking silent steps forward into the alley. The Dark alley would seem haunting and intimidating to strange new cats but not to him. He padded down the alley as if he owned it. Finally he came to a stop and bunched him muscles and sprang up a garbage bin joining an older tom. This one had White fur almost as White as the snow itself but he also had long claw marks down each of his side. He seemed to be staring at the Alley walls with no intention of looking at the other tom.

“What is it Ash?” The tom rasped in a deep voice. Ash plopped down next to him and turned his head toward the White tom.

“We have matters to disgust Claws.” Ash meowed keeping his Icy Blue gaze locked on the White tom. Claws shuffled his paws before facing Ash Hard Amber eyes meet Ice Blue and they remained fixed there.

“Well?” Claws asked impatiently.

“I’ve heard a few rumors about you helping the young Queens and kits today.” Ash said sternly, “Is it true?” Claws didn’t move but Ash noticed a tension growing between the older tom’s shoulders. Silence spread over the two and finally As shook his head before meowing coldly, “You know Claws… It seems to me that you have forgotten our code here. Have you?”

Claws stayed stiff but answered, “Yes I do Ash.”

“And what is it?!” Hissed the gray tom, snapping his gaze back to Claws with an intensity that would freeze any cat in its place.

“That we should never help or care for the Queens and Kits of the clan.” Claws said gruffly. Ash’s ears twitched before he stood before he turned and paced slowly on the hood of the garbage bin.
“It seems as though you haven’t forgotten the code but it also seems that you have grown soft.” Ash muttered just loud enough for Claws to hear.

Claws sprang to his paws fur bristling in anger and he turned fully on Ash, “I have not grown soft!” he spat ears flattening back.

Ash slowed his pace and stopped a small glint in his eyes. “Oh, is that so?...” Slowly a smirk spread across the tom’s face, “If you weren’t soft that comment wouldn’t have gotten to you so much Claws. You’re a ruffled ball of fur now.” He hissed. “And if just one little comment about being ‘Soft’ upsets you maybe we should just replace you with a harder and rougher leader than a kit like you!” Ash continued.

Suddenly the White tom sprang for Ash claws extended fully teeth bared back. Ash remained still lowering his head and a wide smirk appeared on his face. He lunged aside just as Claws swept past him and he came to a stumbling halt while Ash jumped easily around facing him. The Young gray tom bunched and sprang flashing for the Claws side. Thrusting his back paws forward he shoved Claws side and sent him flipping over the garbage lid. The white tom hit the concreted ground with a thud his head smacking against the coldness. Blood pooled into his mouth and he staggered to a stand. Ash still standing over the Garbage’s edge leaped down limping and pinned Claws down easily with one paw.

“I knew it was happening to you… It always happens to older cats who used to be feed by stupid Two-legs.” Ash meowed above him.
“You planned this!” Claws spat, struggling underneath him trying to gain a grip on the Light Gray fur.

“Nope not really.” Ash shrugged , “I was just planning to reclaim my fathers place.” Claws grew still as it hit him like being hit by a speeding monster.


“That’s right I’m Scourge’s last and only son.” Ash huffed, “And since you know that I guess now I have to kill you then.” Ash then rested a firm paw on the toms throat letting his claws sink into his neck.

“But why…keep…it…a secret?” choked Claws.

“That’s simple… Because I don’t want anyone to know that I’m the son of a Leader that was killed by a stupid Kittypet.” Ash growled and then he sank his teeth into the toms neck slowly closing around his windpipe. Claws grew limp underneath him and Ash backed off swiping his tongue over his mouth clearing the blood.

He then turned as two strongly build toms padded over dragging a squirming she-cat in their grasps. One was a very Black tom with Unsettling blue eyes that stared straight ahead as if he would kill you any second. The other was a Silver Tabby he was smaller than the other one but had powerful legs that could carry him for miles and deliver strong blows if needed.

They dropped the squirming Blue-Gray she-cat and stood still eyes locked on Ash. The she-cat spat shaking out her fur and spun on them claws extended but she did not attack yet.

“Dear Rage.” Ash meowed in a soft voice. Rage snapped her face at him her Amber eyes blazing with the idea of killing every cat her. “I ‘am Scourge’s son.” And a shocked expression came over her face instantly killing the blaze in her eyes. “We’re done here.” Ash turned and sprang up the Garbage revealing Claws dead body to rage’s eyes.

“You-“but she was cut off as the two toms sprang for her both in different vital spots. She was soon still on the ground like her mate. Ash yawned and stretch with boredom and turned to the Silver Tabby, “Blade get rid of them.” Blade nodded and picked them both up and began the journey of dragging them off to the Bonepile at the edge of the clans territory.

“Scythe. Spread the word. That there’s a new Bloodclan leader and things are about to change around here.” Ash hissed darkly. Scythe grunted and sped off his black tail trailing out behind him. And Ash was left alone in the Alley which used to be his fathers. Instantly he sprang down and padded toward a huge mound of bones and hooked one of his claws around a red toothed collar. He lowered his muzzle and using the ground slipped it over his head till it hung around his neck.



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