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Foreign Object Blockage Almost Killed North Carolina Cat — 5 Comments

  1. I ran into another danger over the weekend. When I go to bed I plug my phone charger in and place my cell phone on my bedside table. I got up Sunday morning and she had bitten the cord in half. She’s fine but she could have eaten the silver tip that plugs into the phone or even a portion of the charger cord if I hadn’t found it in time.

    • Nice one…yes, the home is full of unforeseen dangers. We have to be careful. It is also dangerous for humans! I think most accidents take place at home.

  2. Almost everything in a house has potential dangers, especially for cats who are very curious and will chew on just about anything that appeals to them. Tails and ears on cat toys are truly dangerous and stringy things must be out of reach, tucked into a closet or given away because stringy things are magnets for kitties. While it is virtually impossible to completely “cat-proof” homes to make them perfectly safe, it is up to us to “think like a cat” when viewing things around the house that hold potential lethal danger to them. Very informative article, Elisa Black Taylor.

    • Good comment Jo. There are some unforeseen dangers even for the best informed cat guardian. As you say in the house there are a multitude of potential dangers.

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