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Forest habitat for lynx is flushed down the toilet — 2 Comments

  1. Kind of like those who promote TNR in the UK which drove their one and only Scottish Wildcat to extinction with their invasive species moggies. They’re already extinct, in case you don’t know that. The amount left aren’t enough RNA diversity for a viable/successful species anymore. You’re very much to blame for this. I hope the rest of the world finds a way to “thank you” for driving yet another species on our planet to extinction in the UK. Last count was 421 native species in the UK gone forever in the last 200 years from your beliefs, practices, and values. That’s over 2 species per year now. Makes you all proud, don’ t it. Instead of pointing fingers at people in different countries you’d do well to point them at yourself. You have the worst extinctions track-record of any culture on earth. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

    • I completely agree about the UK track record. It’s appalling. I have always said that. I am entitled to discuss world conservation. I am not ‘pointing fingers’ just reporting. The world is globalised unless you had not noticed.

      Also Britain did most of its destruction of wildlife more than 100 years ago. The US is still slaughtering pumas for fun.

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