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Forest where Sokoke cat comes from to be violated by oilmen — 16 Comments

    • Just another example of people and animals being abused by businesses. They’ll argue that business improves lives but at the end of the day business does it for profit as you say and one sure fire fact is that animals always lose.

  1. Deforestation is happening all over the World and is worst in developing economies including India.I have visited some of the biggest “Tiger Reserves” in India and was surprised to find villages existing within the national parks, both humans and wild tigers co-existing. At times a tiger kills a villager or preys on cattle and thats the end of the co-existence with the animal being declared a man-eater and hunted to death.Ultimately i personally feel that most large wild animals will be bred only in enclosed parks akin to large open air zoo’s.Hope i am proved wrong.

  2. It is too bad that man is so obsessed with big business that he is destroying the natural habitats of animals and also entire forests. This is such a shame. This is one of the most beautiful cats I have seen, not to mention the other animals that also make their home there. I wish there was some way to stop this.

    • Sharon, it is a classic example of big business destroying and exploiting wild species habitat in developing countries which effectively kills the animals. It is happening on a gargantuan level all over the world and nothing can be done to stop it because big multinational businesses run the world by working with (and bribing) governments who provide the licenses to destroy these precious habitats.

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